Winning together

Individuals and organisations have made various types and sums of donations to support us over the years; the following (in no particular order) have donated various amounts to support us…


  1. Mr. Edward Forkuo Kyei & Family
  2. Mr. Joseph Nsiah & Family
  3. Mr. David K Egyir & Family
  4. Mr. Kwesi Amanor & Family
  5. Mr. John L. Smith & Family
  6. Mr. Stephen Antwi-Asimeng & Family
  7. Mr. Kwame Akaba & Family
  8. Ms. Maame Ahemba Wilson
  9. Mr. Philip Aurthur & Family
  10. Mr. Emmanuel Arko Sam
  11. Arc. Foster Osae-Akonnor
  12. Mr. Joseph Ciici Arthur & Family
  13. Mr. William Asamoah Otoo & Family
  14. Mr. John Wilson & Family
  15. Mr. Kobina Otu Okyne & Family
  16. Mr. Adi Ayitevie & Family
  17. Ms. Patience Amma Asare
  18. Mr. Edward Doe Senahey & Family
  19. Mr. Ato Roberts & Family
  20. Ms. Kate Sagoe-Addy
  21. Mr. Ben Baidoo & Family
  22. Mr. Richmond Amartey & Family

If your name is not in there, please alert us and we shall include your name.*
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Corporate Bodies

  1. Colors Press Limited (Quality Offset Printers)
  2. Infrastructure Solutions Outfit Limited (Infrastructure developers and managers |
  3. GHS Housing Limited (Real Estate Developers |
  4. Arthro Synergeio (Architects & Project Managers |

If your company’s name is not in there, please alert us and we shall include your name.*
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*Terms and conditions apply.

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Founding Mentors

We have also been blessed by the immeasurable support and diverse contributions of some individuals (the founding mentors) right from inception of the vision, and we are eternally grateful to them; they include (in no particular order) the following…

Mr. F. Ato Conduah – A lawyer and a Management consultant, Founder/CEO of Ato Conduah & Associates;
Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan – Founder/CEO of L’Aine Services, HR Practitioner with over 25 years experience, CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year 2011, Entrepreneurship Foundation of Ghana’s Best Entrepreneur in Corporate Business Services for the Year 2012, Etc;
Mr. Daniel A. Amoah – MD of Chase Petroleum, and former Director of the National Petroleum Authority;
Mr. James Ebo Whyte of Roverman Production and JoyFM’s ‘Food-for-Thought’ fame;
Mr. Tetteh Ayitevie – Head of Distribution at Express Life Insurance Company;
Justice Cecilia Sowah – Justice of the High Court;
Mrs. Mabel Sagoe – Executive Director at the DVLA;
Mr. Adi Ayitevie – Executive Director at Engineers & Planners Company Limited;
Mr. Joe Nsiah – Deputy Director, General Services at Ghana Cocoa Board;
Mr. Robert Forjoe – Operations Manager at MOL Ghana Ltd;
Mr. Raymond Ackah – Chief Executive Officer at Ishmael Yamson & Associates;
Ing. Baffour Akoto Osei – Former representative of the Institute of Chartered Engineers (ICE), UK;
Dr. Samuel Seidu – Partner and Lead Clinical Tutor of Hockley Farm Medical Practice, Leicester, UK;
Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng (Capt. Rtd.) of UT Bank/UT Holdings fame – Many times Ghana’s most respected CEO, Overall Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, CIMG Marketing Man of the Year 2006, Etc.

Many thanks to all the above! We cannot thank them/you enough!

See you at the next Seers Partners, Leaders and Innovators Network Symposium! Very powerful!!!
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So in the diagram, how many squares did you make out in total; how many squares are there?

Well, most people get or give 16 as their answer. Some get 17 and a few get 21; and that’s at least better than the ‘16’ answer majority of people give. Just about 1 percent of people surveyed get the best answer; which is…

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One: Sometimes you need someone to show you the obvious, and oftentimes… the not so obvious! Credit to ZigZiglar

Two: Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it. Credit to Prof Sir William Arthur Lewis

Three: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Credit to Prophet Hosea

Four: The illiterates of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn! Credit to Alvin Toffler

Five: The greatest obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Credit to Daniel Boorstin

Six: When you know the right things, the boundaries around your life suddenly disappear. Credit to Brian Sher