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How Zing4Life! was discovered, why Seers was formed, and the evolution over the years

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How Zing4Life! was discovered, why Seers was formed, and the evolution over the years

Meet our Lead Founder…

Hi! I’m Dave; I am an Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach; passionate about harnessing my true (or hidden) potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true (or hidden) potential (you may click here for more about me). I am the lead founder of Zing4Life! and Seers, and I am pleased to present to you how Zing4Life! was discovered, why Seers was formed, and the evolution over the years…


  • The Genesis
  • The Shock
  • The Ponder and Wonder
  • The Quest
  • The Examples
  • The Conviction and Resolute Response
  • The Commitment and Persistence
  • The Base Reference Manuals
  • The Organisations

The Genesis

A year before getting married, I relocated to a different part of town and joined a church in this new location. I then joined the youth fellowship and along the line got elected to lead the fellowship; I soon reckoned that I really needed to learn ‘Leadership’ otherwise it was going to be very difficult leading the highly heterogeneous group it was. So I headed to my favourite bookshop and got leadership books, and some general self-help books that caught my attention. I read those books diligently, and that was the beginning of an unforgettable experience; it was as though I was receiving education afresh! I can boldly say that the education I received from reading those books was as valuable as the education I had received in my 6 years of university education, and in some cases even more valuable!

The Shock

One of the most shocking discoveries (that actually marked a major turning point in my life and career; there are other turning points) was Harvard University’s sad finding about Education that points to the fact that formal education is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life. In essence, education and schooling are not the same thing!

Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it.

Prof Sir William Arthur Lewis Tweet

The Ponder and Wonder

Why hadn’t anybody drawn our attention to this fact that formal education harnesses so little? And why hadn’t anybody drawn our attention to self-help books while in school (as part of our education) and emphasised their equal importance as the mainstream courses that we were being taught?

And if what the mainstream educational system teaches is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life, how can we harness the remaining 78 percent and get more people to be truly or fully effective and truly great?

The Quest

Well, it was better late than never, so the book corners (or sections) became my favourite places in the supermarkets; there was a time I went to the supermarket supposedly to buy baby stuff for our little girl and I ended up buying books rather than some of the baby stuff I was there to buy; it was that crazy! Within a couple of years, I bought and read more than 100 self-help books (some of them I read over and over again) in addition to the Hebrew-Greek-enabled Bible. And the researching (and learning) has continued since; especially focusing on Human & Organisational Performance Improvement Techniques and Strategies. On the average I was sleeping for only 4 hours a day; it’s been that intensive!

The fact that what the mainstream educational system teaches is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life creates many of the problems we face as a people; the following are some startling examples to illustrate the point…

The Examples

1. Most people are not truly fulfilled in life!

What is your idea of a fulfilling life? Sadly, most people are not truly fulfilled in life, and chances are that you may also not be truly fulfilled in life; likewise your people. It is possible to even make a lot of money and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Indeed, so many wealthy (and seemingly happy) people, including wealthy professional comedians, are known to have committed suicide in the past; some even recently; for instance, in 2014 a rich and famous actor (and comedian; a very good entertainer and an Oscar-winner as that: Robbin Williams of Mrs Doubtfire fame) committed suicide. Also, it is possible to be very religious or even highly ‘educated’ and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Incidences of very religious people (including pastors) and intellectuals committing suicide abound. For instance, on 9th September 2019, Jarrid Wilson (Pastor, and author of “Love Is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World“) committed suicide; that same day, Gregory Eells (Executive director of counseling and psychological services, and head of mental health services at University of Pennsylvania, and TEDx Conference Speaker on Cultivating Resilience) committed suicide. May their souls rest in peace. These constitute just a tip of the iceberg; everyday people commit suicide, and that cuts across all classes of people. Also, many people contemplate suicide but don’t get to execute it; some also attempt suicide but somehow do not get to complete it. It’s that serious!

Indeed, a whopping majority of people do not live a truly fulfilling life; life is tough for most people! Most of the issues are not openly discussed, but come up in people’s prayers, and / or when they are in sessions with their pastors, consultants, and other potential helpers.

The leading factors that contribute to this lack of true fulfillment in life are: (i) The prevalence of extremely poor affection for occupations, and (ii) Lack of proper emotional intelligence!

Job dissatisfaction is widespread. Indeed, if you randomly select 100 people and ask about their work life, it should not surprise you to note that 82 of them (i.e. a whopping 82 percent of people) will not be enjoying their work life.

Well, of all the people that go to work every day, only 18 out of 100 (a meagre 18 percent of workers) really feel good about going to work; a whopping 82 percent of people harbour some apprehension when going to work and wish they didn’t have to go to work. This is a major source of stress and ailments; indeed, not too long ago, the BBC announced that work-related stress disorders had been on the increase. The consequences of stress are so serious; to the extent that, most of the ailments people report to the hospitals with are not pathogenic (they are not the effects of disease causing organisms) but rather, they are the consequences of stress. It is that serious!

Life in this world is a tough one – ordinarily; it means there will be many situations that will arouse various forms of especially negative emotions, which if not well managed can affect you negatively; your health and your wealth. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways of dealing with emotions, and preventing undue stress. For instance, all negative emotions can be classified under 10 core emotions, and there are specific messages they provide, and specific ways of responding, and so on. Sadly most people do not know about the need to manage their own emotions, and the emotions of other people, let alone how to go about it. You may click here to see more about this issue of emotional intelligence.

2. Most people do not know about their true potential; thus they make little or no effort to unearth (or harness) that true (or hidden) potential; they waste their true (or hidden) potential

Do you know your true potential? Chances are that you don’t, and that you underestimate your capabilities, and may currently be using very little of your true (or hidden) potential abilities, especially your brain power; there is 97 out of 100 chances (97 percent probability).

The fact is, majority of people underestimate their capabilities and thus use very little of their true potential, especially their brain power. Indeed, if you take every 100 individuals, chances are that 97 of them will be using very little (just about 3 percent) of their true (or hidden) potential, especially their brain power. This applies to even religious persons, and even persons with high academic exposure. And the causes are unsuspecting and very surprising!

Scientists estimate that most persons, during their lifetime, use their brains to achieve just about one-hundredth of 1 percent of what the brain is capable of achieving. In other words, if the brain is capable of achieving 10,000 marks what most people achieve with it is just 1 out of 10,000; please read that again. Note that, this is not the same as saying that, “People use just 1 percent of the brain in their lifetime;” no, that is not what is being suggested! The point being made here is that, even though we essentially engage the whole of the brain for tasks, what most people use that potential to achieve in their lifetime is so little! And that there is 97 out of 100 chances that you are personally using your brain power to accomplish very little compared to your true (or hidden) potential. Again, we use all of our brain, but we don’t use all of its potential; we achieve too little with it. 😌

It’s like having one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (like the Jaguar, or even the Sunway TaihuLight, or the IBM Summit) and only using it as a clock to display the time! How does that feel?

To illustrate further, assuming that the white cylinder shown is what the brain is capable of achieving throughout your lifetime on earth, then ordinarily, what you are likely to achieve with it is the green speck shown against the yellow cylinder; the yellow cylinder represents the comparative proportion of what you are likely to refuse to use your brain for: the books that will not be written, the businesses that will never be created, the theories that will remain unknown, the happiness, health and wealth that you may refuse to create, and so on! Because that is what mostly happens; unless you get the kind of orientation that Zing4Life! presents, and do implement the recommendations thereof.

Note that this is mainly about what one ordinarily ends up using the brain to achieve; as against what the brain was created to be capable of achieving. For instance, a lot of people perform poorly in their academics just because they do not know (or otherwise do not apply) the right studying techniques. For instance, Reading is a popular learning method, but it is a lower method; so ordinarily, if you read something, you are likely to remember only 10 percent of it after 2 weeks. There are 12 methods in the series, and the higher methods of learning will allow you to understand so well, and to remember over 90 percent; even after 2 weeks; so much more effective!

The examples above constitute just a tip of the iceberg! There are so many of such issues; too many to count. Indeed, education and schooling are not the same thing! In essence, most people operate from a position of unconscious incompetence; they do not know ‘what they don’t know’ so they are ineffective but unaware, and so they feel okay, and are thus not interested in adding on privileged or complementary knowledge; especially the soft skills.

The Conviction and Resolute Response

I came to the firm conviction that… “The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities.” Hitherto, I had gotten to understand what it meant to say that… ‘Ignorance is a significant part of the problems of Africa!’ And the problems persist because, as already stated, the mainstream education is predominantly partial education; it is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life. Note that the mainstream education will largely remain this way for a very long time; it will continue to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life. And the religious organisations which could have served to complement the formal education system, are also not teaching those principles and neither are they drawing their members’ (or followers’) attention to this very necessary complementary education.

I felt that my greatest contribution towards the development of humanity, especially Ghana (and Africa) was to share my findings; I was thus moved to collate the best and most effective principles, techniques and strategies that can harness the true (or hidden) potential of any individual (or group of individuals) no matter the person’s background and current circumstances. i.e. irrespective of a person’s age, gender, looks, financial resources, educational background, etc! I call that Zing4Life!

The Commitment and Persistence

It took more than 7 years of intensive research and development on my part to collate those amazing principles, techniques and strategies that constitute Zing4Life! And I keep improving upon them, because I want Zing4Life! to be current and remain the best in the world; to date, I have covered more than 1,000 self-help volumes by way of books, articles, audios, videos, etc. so as to keep Zing4Life! current, relevant and the best! Those principles, techniques and strategies are amazing; they guide you on your current goals and future aspirations: how to make them better (or exceptional) and also get to achieve them easily and quickly! I am thus truly excited to be coaching people to live a truly fulfilling life; with amazing insights from a rich pool of rare and privileged resources and experience.

The above presents a delightful opportunity that you can be part of; you may click here to see this fantastic opportunity!

Zing4Life! is made up of the right and complete set of actions required to tap and use your true, inborn (or hidden) potential; essentially, Zing4Life! is the foundational knowledge required to harness the 78 percent true (or hidden) potential that the formal education system ordinarily does not unearth.

The Base Reference Manuals

I have written 13+1 special books (or manuals; the Zing4Life! Series) to outline and teach those Zing4Life! principles, techniques and strategies. There are bundled versions of the training manuals as well. For more about Zing4Life! and the books (or manuals) you may click here.

The Organisations

With the firm support of my wife, I was further moved to found ‘Seers Foundation’ and later ‘Seers Consult‘ (and allies) to serve as possible vehicles for teaching or implementing the Zing4Life! principles widely across the globe; especially Ghana (and Africa). This is a worthy cause and an onerous task that requires a lot of support, especially your support. Even a ‘little’ support can make a huge #impact! Support us to positively transform #more lives.

So Zing4Life! constitute our Main Training, and over the period we have added other options as Auxiliary / Complementary Training. And you may notice that beyond the training we have opted to offer branding services, and support services.

Seers Foundation was the first entity to be formed; it was incorporated on 14th April 2008 with registration number G-23,969 and was officially authorised to commence activities effective 15th April 2008. Interestingly, it began as IDS Foundation well before 2006; it was to provide ‘Interior Design and Sanitation‘ for the human minds (especially in Africa), following the apt description by Zig Ziglar to the effect that the poor attitude of most people stemmed from ‘stinking thinking;’ the idea behind IDS was to eradicate ‘stinking thinking,’ especially in Africa. It was later changed to Seers Foundation, following further research and consultations with various stakeholders.

On 2nd November 2016 Seers Consult was also incorporated; interestingly that also began as Instraq, and was later changed to Seers Consult officially on 20th January 2017.

Records of some of our activities are as compiled under our Gallery; please scroll down…
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The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities

Preview of our Facebook platform...
Our lead quotable quote...

The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities

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