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A briefing on the mega opportunities available to you

You most likely are a very busy person; your life is already filled with lots of activities so you don’t have time for ‘nonsense!’ You may most likely be interested in only information and tools that will save you time in your daily endeavours, or ones that will save you money, or otherwise earn you more money, greater happiness and true fulfillment. We’ve got you covered! Select from the objectives further below, or scroll down to see all about SeersApp, especially how to get the most out of the platform.

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What Seers App is about…

Seers App is a mega online platform having (among others) the following main integrated components…

  • Online university of Life (You can get unique, unparalleled and complete guidance here to help you and your people to live a highly productive and a truly fulfilling life!
  • Broadcastingblogging or publishing platform (You can write or speak your heart out here and reach multitudes in your community and around the world with your messages).
  • E-commerce platform (You can sell your products and services here with relative ease).
  • Social media platform (You can interact or engage with a wide range of eager and enthusiastic minds).
  • Web designing platform (You can build, host and promote a full-featured website, for example your own personal online presence, using state of the art web designing, hosting, and marketing tools on this platform).

All the above mostly for FREE, or otherwise almost for Free! Terms and conditions apply.

As an integrated platform Seers App is aimed at helping you to live a highly productive and a truly fulfilling life! It will help you to bring out your true or hidden potential and that of your people and get you to become… exceptionally brilliant, exceptionally creative or innovative, exceptionally productive or wealthy, exceptionally healthy, exceptionally free or Happy, and so much more! After all that’s what Seers is about and this Seers App platform is the principal medium to use to achieve that and more! It is designed to save you time, effort, money and stress in life (help you to avoid avoidable regretsand definitively help you to easily make more money faster! And this User-Guide (User-Manual) is intended to make the many opportunities and tools available on the platform obvious to you, and systemically guide you to use them efficiently and effectively to achieve your purposeful objectives quickly.

You may select other ‘objective(s) that suits your outlook’ from the options outlined further below…

Table of contents for this user-guide…

Structure of the native pages

How typical Seers App pages are organised…

Native pages are the original, foundational or starting pages of the core website; for example this page, and the homepage (and indeed, all the pages accessible via the main menu) are native pages.

Users can create additional pages for different purposes and customise those additional pages to look very different from the native pages, especially in terms of the structure. For instance you can create your own personal webpage, etc. Indeed you can override the native domain name with your own custom domain name (or website address) that you may acquire separately from a registrant such as GoDaddyNamecheap, etc. You may click here to see a sample custom page on this platform that looks totally different from the native pages.

Each native page has 5 principal regions (sections or sectors) on a general background (canvas). The 5 principal regions are…

The website is responsive and thus adjusts to suit either the screen size, or the window size available per the browser; however there are 3 main configurations or arrangements…

  • Desktop Mode
  • Tablet Mode
  • Mobile Mode

For this your particular screen (or otherwise browser window) size, the 5 regions are configured (arranged) as illustrated below…

Before we look at the essence and specific features of the regions into details, let’s quickly look at one cool feature you will love about each page on this platform; it’s the ‘back-to-top‘ button feature…

Anytime you move (scroll) a page up or down, no matter how little movement that may be, a ‘grey rectangular button having a white arrow that points upwards to a white horizontal line‘ appears at the bottom-right corner of the page; when you stop scrolling it remains at the position for a moment and then disappears. When the button appears (upon scrolling) and you click on it, the page will automatically scroll up fully to the top so that you can see all the elements you were previously seeing when you first landed on the page and were yet to scroll. It’s a very fast way of getting back to the Outline, for instance. Try it now, it’s so cool!


Generally the header comprises the following…

Since the website is responsive (desktop mode, tablet mode, and mobile mode) the header items adjust to suit either the screen size, or the window size available per the browser; for this your particular screen (or otherwise browser window) size, the header elements are configured (or arranged) as illustrated below…

The community links bar and the slider are specific to the homepage, and each one’s visibility depends on whether or not you have logged in; whereas the slider vanishes when you log in, the community links bar appears only when you log in, and serves as part of your central console. (more about how to log in, later)

Site Logo

In addition to branding the native pages for easy identification, and therefore appears on every native Seers App page, the site logo acts as clickable link to the Seers App homepage. When you click on it the Seers App homepage loads to replace the then active page; if you’re already on the homepage and you click, it will reload the homepage and show the full header as though you’re now visiting the homepage, but with the applicable login / logout attributes.

Primary Menu

It goes without saying that the primary menu provides the main means of accessing the main sections of the platform…

  • Central* menu item gives access to the online community, having the social activity stream (timeline) and the community links bar as the most unique features.
  • Seers menu item gives access to everything about us as an organisation, including our mission, vision, history, etc.
  • TV menu item gives access to our live streaming broadcasts and curated videos.
  • Blog menu item gives access to all the articles (posts) published on this platform, and all the categories under which they are grouped.
  • Courses menu item gives access to synopsis of tutorials published on this platform.
  • Shop menu item gives access to products (including tutorials and services) purchasable on this platform.
  • Guide menu item gives access to the online user-manual for this Seers App platform.
  • Contacts menu item gives access to various means / options for contacting the administrator; viz: emailing contact form, email address, phone number, etc. It also gives you access to the business directory.

In tablet and mobile modes, the primary navigation menu collapses into a humburger icon (a square with three short horizontal lines in a column); you have to click on it to expand it in order to see the specific menu items.

The Central menu item is visible to only logged-in users; ie. users who have logged in (signed in). That is to say… unless you log in (sign in) fully using applicable username and password (log-in credentials) you will not see the Central menu item. Also the Seers menu item moves to be part of the Central console as About Us, for logged-in users. You create or obtain your own unique log-in credentials for the platform as part of the user-registration process; you may click here for more about registration and / or to register.To best appreciate the main sections that the primary navigation menu gives access to (as briefly described further above) you may have to explore them; please click the various menu items and scroll through the respective landing pages to experience the different contents. 

The site logo, primary navigation menu, and shopping cart button constitute a menu bar that is sticky in nature and thus always remain at the top of the page even as you scroll.

Shopping Cart Button

The shopping cart button gives a quick outlook of your shopping status on this integrated e-commerce platform. Particularly, it shows the total monetary value of items in your virtual shopping basket, and if not zero, the number of items in the basket will be indicated in a red bubble.

When you click on the button, a window will pop up on the right side of your screen, to show the specific details of items in the basket, and options to view the basket in full screen or otherwise checkout (finalise and place the order).

You can dismiss the pop up window by clicking the x close icon at the top right or by clicking anywhere on the screen other than (or outside of) the pop up window.

For guidance on how to buy items on this integrated e-commerce platform, you may click here.

Community Links Bar

For logged-in users, the community links bar serves as a very important part of the central console…

  • Pressroom menu item gives access to tools for creating, publishing, managing, and promoting content; viz: landing pages, posts / articles, products (including courses), sales funnels, etc.
  • Accessories menu item gives access to special files you can download from the site, and more.
  • Profile menu item gives access to your personal profile (your personal ‘about you‘ page that you can be referring people to) on the platform. You can update information about yourself, set your preferences (eg. privacy settings to control what information about you that users can see) and other platform account information.
  • Membership menu item shows your current membership level, and gives access to all the membership categories available so that you can select a different level if you want to; different membership levels give access to different privileges on the platform.
  • Members menu item gives access to a list of all the members of the Seers Community; you may click here for more about the Seers Community.
  • Business Directory menu item gives access to the business directory section of the e-commerce platform.
  • About Us menu item obviously gives access to everything about us as an organisation, including our mission, vision, history, etc. just as Seers menu item on the primary menu.

Platform Mantra

The mantra that guides everything on this platform is: …towards a truly fulfilling life! (formerly: …towards your fulfillment in life!) and it features on every native page as a restatement of our commitment to this noble objective. It also acts as a clickable link to the page that discusses what a truly fulling life is about. A fulfilling life, and a truly fulfilling life are not the same; indeed most people are not truly fulfilled in life and our organisation exists to remedy that; you may click here (or click the mantra on the header of any native page) to see more about the issue of a truly fulfilling life.

Labelled Search Icon

The search icon gives a quick access to the search box, which is located at the bottom of the page (for a reason). You can either click on the magnifying glass icon, or click on the ‘Search‘ label to use it. The search box which comes up upon clicking the labelled search icon allows for key-word(s) search across the entire website; more about this later.

Labelled Login / Logout Icon

The look or appearance of the labelled login / logout icon depends on whether or not you have logged in. When you have not logged in, the label says ‘LOGIN’ and when you log in the label changes to ‘LOGOUT.’ It goes without saying, that, this allows you to log in to your account, and to be able to log out when you are done with a session using the privileged tools available to only logged-in users; more about this later.


The slider is just a scrolling digital billboard and may have different promotional content from time to time. It may be drawing your attention to some special aspects of the website or even external goodies.

Main Content

As the caption suggests, unique information that pertains to any particular page is contained within the main content region. This may include advertisements, and usually starts and ends with advertisements.

Major Promo

The major promo region is specifically for advertisements, and normally has three advertisements, usually square in imprint.

Minor Promo

The minor promo consists of the following…

Trending Content

The system keeps track of the pages, posts and products visitors interact with most and display that for your pleasure; chances are that they are content that may appeal to you as well, having appealed to so many people.


This is obvious; right? You know!

Facebook Plugin

We are always pleased to give you a preview of our Facebook page; right from a native page you can see what’s trending on our Facebook page without logging in there; from here you can ‘Like’ the page, see comments, and scheduled events, etc. You can click on it to visit the full page, or click the button on it to visit our videos page on YouTube.

Featured Quote

Quotable quotes are featured on the native pages with the objective to stimulate your creative juices. Indeed a featured quote may provide a different or better angle on a subject of interest, or even remind you of something you already know, or inspire you towards what you aspire to be. There are several amazing benefits to derive from this and the many other quotable quotes if you use them properly.

Highly commendably, Sheila Burke has compiled 11 amazing benefits of inspirational quotes, and some very insightful tips for using them; including the fact that, quotes take a big idea and compact it down into a short burst of knowledge that are more digestible and usable. You may click here to see them.The main content, the major promo, and the minor promo (together) constitute a native page’s main presentation.


The footer is jumbo, and comprises the following…

Since the website is responsive (desktop mode, tablet mode, and mobile mode) the footer items adjust to suit either the screen size, or the window size available per the browser; for this your particular screen (or otherwise browser window) size, the header elements are configured (or arranged) as illustrated below…

Since they constitute the bottom region of the native pages, the appearance of any aspect of the footer (especially the starter-pages menu section) signifies the end (bottom) of a native page’s main presentation which comprises: the main content, the major promo, and the minor promo.

Starter-Pages Menu

There are 5 key pages that feature the main exhibit sections of the platform: TV, Blog, Courses, Shop, and Guide; they are referred to simply as the starter-pages. The starter-pages menu items serve as quick links to those pages, much as the main menu: Videos (TV), Articles (Blog), Knowledge Base (Courses), Supermarket (Shop), and User Manual (Guide).

Seers Main Course Outline

Every member, indeed every visitor or user of this platform, is expected (or otherwise encouraged) to go through our main training for a truly fulfilling life; the purpose for which Seers was founded in the first place. For that reason we front the outline as part of the footer on each native page. They are divided into 4 modules: PrimerEEE-Z!Lifematix, and Richmatix. For detailed description of the courses you may click here.

Extended Contacts

Our extended contacts include a regular ‘contact us‘ button, links to our social media channels, as well as links to our social media groups; as the main components. Whereas the channels act as means of dissemination information on various social media platforms, the groups are regulated forums for social networking, group discussions, etc, and are restricted to members only.

Auxiliary Links

The auxiliary links are miscellaneous, and help to access other non-mainstream aspects of the site and our services, in addition to key pages such as home and about us.

Search Box

The search icon gives a quick access to the search box, which is located at the bottom of the page (for a reason). You can either click on the magnifying glass icon, or click on the ‘Search‘ label to use it. The search box which comes up upon clicking the labelled search icon allows for key-word(s) search across the entire website; more about this later.

Avatar Bar

The avatar bar serves us a means of displaying your profile picture when you log in; it also serves as a quick indicator to let you know whether or not you have logged-in. It also houses the a login / logout button. It is ‘sticky’ in nature and always stays at the bottom of the browser window.

How to accomplish specific objectives or tasks​

How to use this platform to meet your specific needs…

Generally browsing this website is quite intuitive, and much of that has been explained in the preceding sections above. For further guide on how to shop or buy items online you may click here; please pay particular attention to Steps 4 to 9 in the document.Everything else boils down to two main tasks: (i) Creating content, and (ii) Designing the looks of your content. Content can be any of the following…

  • Landing pages
  • Auxiliary pages
  • Blog posts
  • Products
  • Pop-ups
  • Templates
  • Etcetera

Creating content

WordPress, the world’s leading content management system (CMS) powers this website; it serves as the engine of the website. Thus all the basic functionalities of this platform are consistent with WordPress, and therefore all the content-creation tasks that can be performed on a standard WordPress site can be performed here; you may have to log in first to perform certain tasks. 

You may click the login button above or below to log in anytime you need to access the Pressroom where all the tools for creating content are found. If you do not already have login credentials or username and password for this platform then you may need to register first before you can access the Pressroom to perform certain high-level tasks. You may click here to register.

You may click here to see more on the functionalities of the WordPress engine, with which you can create your desired content. Please note that a lot of the stuff (like choosing themes, uploading plugins, etc) have already been done for you.

Designing content

Elementor and Elementor Pro (Site Builders) serve as the main tools for designing how elements on this website may look like; working on top of the WordPress engine. Other options are the Gutenberg block editor (recommended for blog post content) which integrates the TinyMCE classic editor. To access the design tools, which are part of the Pressroom, you may have to log in first, but do get to understand how the WordPress engine works before venturing into Elementor. You may click here to see more on the functionalities of Elementor, or otherwise you may click here to see more on the functionalities of Elementor Pro. Below are other helpful leads…

Additional help

It’s obvious that we may not be able to anticipate every need of users, so if there is any particular desire or task you want us to provide assistance on, kindly let us know; you may click here.

Disclaimer and terms of use​

Notice on how to treat content on this website…

All rights reserved. No part of the publications on this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical; including recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the express permission of the author and publishers, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief excerpts in connection with a review in a magazine, newspaper, website, etc.

Access to tools and / or content on this platform depends on membership status; whether member or non-member, and if member, whether or not you have logged in, and if you have logged in, whether or not your membership level is: GeneralBronzeSilverGold, or Platinum. For more about membership you may click here.

We reserve the right to make changes to this website and the terms of use without prior notice.

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