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#DaveGuidesDaily | Episode 210527

You will win this fight; as long as you are not ignorant about it

Making yourself happy is that easy, learning not to be unhappy is the difficulty; that’s the tough one, because we’ve largely been socialised to become unhappy at the least provocation, and it’s not easy to change those thought patterns or mindset, but you must! You must thus make a conscious effort to learn not to be unhappy; it may take time but it’s worth the effort.

Being happy is as simple as making your mind to be happy. However, as long as you allow your life to run on automatic or auto-pilot, your happiness will be seriously challenged.

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David K Egyir

Best coach for excelling in #Education, increasing your #Income, eliminating #Stress, and enjoying true #Fulfillment in life. Author of 14 amazing books, and counting. You may click here to see more.

Over the next few days, I’m teaching on True Education, Productivity and True Fulfillment;  in the next take, I will be delving into career guidance.

Let’s have a conversation…

What do you make of this issue of happiness?
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A truly fulfilling life...

is very important; however, very rare! How so? And, what is your idea of a fulfilling life?

Sadly, most people are not truly fulfilled in life, and chances are that, such may be your situation. It is possible to be lively, or even make a lot of money and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Indeed, so many wealthy and seemingly lively people, including wealthy professional comedians, are known to have committed suicide in the past; some even recently. Also, it is possible to be very religious and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Incidences of very religious people, including pastors, committing suicide abound.

Notice that we are not talking about a fulfilling life (that is subjective) but rather a truly fulfilling life! Yes, there is a big difference! And the PURPOSE COMPASS clearly defines what a truly fulfilling life is, and gives the steps for attaining a truly fulfilling life. It is the foundational life-coaching (mentorship) you have always wanted; now at your disposal; you will find it amazing! It is an objective orientation about life, especially how to organize your thoughts, actions, and inactions to achieve a truly fulfilling life of extreme productivity.

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The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities

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