How to get a smart business card

It is easy to get and use a smart business card no matter where you are in the world; shipping is worldwide. It takes 3 simple steps to make your life a lot easier

Step 1:

You decide on the type of smart business card you want, and place order for it.

NOTE: Ordinarily, this is a one-time purchase; there are no monthly subscription fees. There is a pro service option for very large corporations; that may have some subscription components depending on the special needs of the business.

Step 2:

You provide your contact details, branding information like logo, etc. (if applicable) and any other particulars you want on your smart business card.

An online profile / dashboard will be created for you, and a mock-up (digital sample) of your ‘to be’ smart business card will be created for your review and subsequent approval. After placing your order, you will receive instructions on how to provide us with your logo or design for the card; if you do not already have that we can create it for you. *Terms and conditions apply.

Step 3:

You approve your online profile and a mock-up (digital sample) of your ‘to be’ smart business card.

That is it! After approving your mock-up, your card will be printed and shipped to you in a few days; usually ships within 5 days of approving your design. And we will congratulate you, because getting a smart business card is a super-smart move! It’s the only business card you’ll ever need!

We make ourselves available for any initial assistance you may require; just to ensure that as a first-time user, your transition to the use of smart business card for business and / or social needs is super smooth!

Questions people frequently ask

Yes, a single card for everything you seek to effortlessly share with others in style… contactless, directly to their phones, instantly, and correctly!
It does not even matter whether you run multiple businesses. That single smart business card can take care of all your multiple businesses since you can select what to transmit at any point in time; how cool is that!
You may, but that is a very limiting way of looking at things, and misses the whole point of the smart business card, because the smart business card is not simply for sharing contact details; it has multiples of 11 functionalities, including the ability to share a professional profile, events, products, etc. (You may click here to see sample profile and more.) 
In any case, the smart business card is the current, coolest and most cost effective way of networking to suit your brand or status. It makes a great and lasting first impression, very practical. Indeed, in today’s fast-paced business environment where a lot is done with the mobile phone, if your contact details do not end up on a prospects phone immediately, take it that the person does not have your contact details and will thus not be able to get in touch with you. The smart business card affords you to save your contact details correctly and instantly on people’s phones, one card takes care of all the information you may want to share no matter how varied; so one card takes care of multiple businesses or needs, you can easily update your stored information anytime, very healthy; no physical exchange of card is involved; it is absolutely contactless, saves you money in the long run, giving you value for money.
Remember that today when people need contacts the first place they go to is their phones (that’s what they carry most of the time) not an archive of cards they have collected from people; imagine the unlikelihood, and the attendant inconvenience of them going through a pack of business cards just looking for yours. O, logically you expect them to transfer your contact details from your paper card to their phones; well, will they? And if at all, will they transfer those contact details to their phones correctly? Otherwise you may have to be calling out your number(s) and credentials, and be spelling your name repeatedly in order for them to save your details correctly. Compare all that ‘wahala’ with the swag and extreme convenience of just transmitting the details directly to their phones in a split second; with the advantage of a smart business card! Lovely!
It is said that, “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” In other words… “Innovate or die!”
Sticking to traditional business cards may tantamount to (or be akin to) shunning smartphones and wanting to stick to the old or traditional mobile phone (also known as feature phone) just because that one too can make a phone call or send SMS. You know too well that the smartphone has so many functionalities beyond making a call; so is the smart business card.
Yes, and No! Well, it depends.
First of all, since the system is built (and runs) on cloud computing, you need internet connection when you want to update your stored information. Also, ordinarily when you are sharing information with your smart business card, the person whose phone is to receive your information has to ensure that there is active internet connection on it since the phone momentarily has to connect to the cloud server in realtime. However, there is an offline option, where internet connection is not required…
The offline information transfer method makes use of the Offline QR Code; a PRO feature. Aside the standard QR Code that comes with your card (usually printed at the back of your card) you can create special QR codes – that work without internet – for your Contact Card, Email, SMS, and Call actions. These special offline QR codes can be saved to your phone as images in your photo gallery for example, and can be scanned by a prospect and with that receive the full complements of the inherent contact details, without the need for internet data. You may click here to see a sample.
Yes, technically it is possible but that is not necessary; except when you want a separate private card (for whatever purpose) in addition to one provided by your organisation, for example. 

It is important to note that you can create different profiles or contact details by way of multiple digital cards (eCards) on a single smart business card; so no matter the myriad of information you want to share, they can all be uploaded to a single card; you may click here to see samples. And the beauty of it all is that, you can select from the pile with just a simple touch and transmit any particular information you want; for instance, you can transmit your contact details in one moment to a person, and in the next moment transmit just your email address, and in another moment transmit your company profile to another person. It is that flexible! 
No, not at all. Once you acquire the card, you can use all the standard actions (or standard functions) forever; you do not have to renew the card at any point whatsoever. The standard actions are as follows…
  1. Contact Card
  2. Standard Profile
  3. URL
  4. Event
  5. QR Code
  6. Email
  7. DeepLink
  8. WhatsApp
  9. SMS
  10. Call
  11. Linktree

For detailed description of the above features, you may click here.

There are other features or functions (PRO actions) that you can enjoy by specifically signing up for an upgrade to PRO subscription; the PRO actions are as follows…

  1. Enhanced Profile
  2. eMenu
  3. Leads Form
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Accordions
  6. Offline QR Code
  7. Embed Profile Video
  8. Shared Access

For the PRO actions you would be required to pay periodic subscription fees of either 37.47usd per month (or 414.70usd per year, billed upfront; you save almost 40usd). You may pay the applicable equivalent in your local currency. You may cancel at any time, and still enjoy the standard features earlier outlined. To upgrade to PRO Subscription, you may click here.

For detailed description of the above features, you may click here.

No, not all. Well, ordinarily you yourself don’t need to install an app, and they also do not have to install an app for the smart business card to work. This is because the smart business card works on NFC technology, and most smartphones these days come already equipped with NFC technology (by way of a special chip inside the phone) in which case no apps will be required for the process to work. However, for persons who have much older generation smartphones and some recent budget ones that may not have the NFC chips installed in it, they may have to install QR-Code scanner apps on their phones and use that to scan the QR-Code on your card in order to receive the information you want to share from your smart business card.

To know whether your smartphone has NFC built into it or not, you may click here.

Very secure! Some of the global giants happily using this service include Google, Emirates, McDonalds, etc. Your information is securely uploaded and stored on secure cloud servers (having bank and military level security and reliability protocols) and linked to your smart business card in realtime. This makes it possible to block or deactivate the card if you want to. That means even if your card gets stolen (though unlikely) no one can use that to misrepresent you, and when you get a new card as a replacement, you wouldn’t have to upload the information all over again; you simply activate the replacement card to use the information that was already uploaded to the server with your previous purchase. And so many other advantages.
The system runs on special cloud servers managed by Amazon as part of the celebrated AWS cloud infrastructure, which has security and reliability as its highest priority. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. The AWS technical architecture makes it the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available in the world today. The core infrastructure is built to satisfy bank and military level security requirements. This is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. 

AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and more. With over 15 years of fantastic services to millions of customers across the globe, AWS is trusted by the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies; including: Intuit, Royal Dutch Shell, Discover Financial Services, Philips, AirBnB, Volkswagen Group, Pinterest, Eventbrite, Warner Bros., Siemens, Bosch, AstraZeneca, Iveco, Panasonic, Bayer, Dow Jones, Stanford University, University of Chicago, GE, Carrier, HSBC, Autodesk, Honda, SalesForce, Vodafone Germany, Cornell University, Arizona State University, Coursera, and so many more.
Well, which type do you want to buy? One (1) smart business card + hours of premium support services ranges from 149.97usd to 1,499.95usd depending on the type and package. And you need just one; well for each user!
Most people buy the bamboo type (with initial 3 hours of premium support) for 299.97usd. There is the plastic type (with initial 2 hours of premium support) for 149.97usd. But most executives go for the metal one (with initial 5 hours of premium support) for 997.95usd. Please note that the hours of premium support does not limit the use of your card in anyway; you can use the card anytime, all the time, and for as long as you want.
Terms & Conditions Apply.
The principal objective of our initial hours of premium support services is to help you to quickly and easily optimise the use of your newly acquired smart business card for your business and social needs; within the shortest time possible, so that you can focus more on the key results area… your business. 

So we start by understanding your business and how your social life integrates into it; based on that we create amazing profiles for you, activate the appropriate actions (or features) and upload to the card all the relevant information you may need to share at one point or another. Then, we ensure that you are able to successfully use all the activated functionalities with ease! 

Depending on your package preference, we respond remotely to new needs that come up in the course of your usage, for free! *Terms & Conditions Apply.
Simple; we will replace it for you. Either for free or at a heavily discounted cost; here is how that works… At the time of purchase, you have the option to pay a little extra for warranty on the card, and get free multiple replacements (see 2 types of warranty below); otherwise when the need for replacement arises you pay just half of the original cost. In any case, just as you hardly misplace your bank card, you are not likely to misplace your smart business card.
  • 1 year warranty – 39.99usd – you get up to 2 replacements within 1 year if you accidentally lose or damage your card.
  • 2 years warranty – 69.99usd – you get up to 4 replacements within 2 years if you accidentally lose or damage your card.

Time for your smart business card…

Get started by choosing your base material type for your smart business card; whether metal, wood, or plastic; you may click here.

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How to get a smart business card

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