Key actions or types of information you can store on the smart business card

Below are the key actions one can set on a typical smart business card…

Key actions

You can set up multiples of each type of action to meet whatever needs, so it’s there is almost no limit to the amount of information you can store on the smart business card. Each of these actions or features are explained in details in due course.

Once you acquire the card, you can use multiples of all the standard actions (or standard features or functions) forever; they do not expire. The standard actions are as follows…

  1. Contact Card
  2. Standard Profile
  3. URL
  4. Event
  5. QR Code
  6. Email
  7. DeepLink
  8. WhatsApp
  9. SMS
  10. Call
  11. Linktree

For detailed description of the above features, you may click here, or scroll further down.

There are other features or functions (PRO actions) that you can enjoy by specifically signing up for an upgrade to PRO subscription; the PRO actions or features are as follows…

  1. Enhanced Profile
  2. eMenu
  3. Leads Form
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Accordions
  6. Offline QR Code
  7. Embed Profile Video
  8. Shared Access

For the PRO actions you would be required to pay periodic subscription fees of either 14.99usd per month or 149.99usd per year. (You may pay the applicable equivalent in your local currency). You may cancel at any time, and still enjoy the standard features earlier outlined. To upgrade to PRO Subscription, you may click here.

For detailed explanation and demonstration of each type of actions or information you can store on your smart business card, kindly click the respective links below…

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