Offline QR Codes*

This is a PRO action, and allows you to create a special QR code that affords you to share your Contact Card, Email, SMS, and Call actions to a prospect’s phone even when the prospect’s phone does not have internet connection or internet data.

Below is an offline eCard QR code I created for myself…

My Offline eCard QR Code

You may turn off the internet on your phone (turn off both WiFi and Mobile Data; to be doubly sure) and then scan this special QR code with your QR Scanner app to see; if you use iPhone you can simply scan with your phone’s camera since it doubles as a QR Scanner.

I have saved a copy on my phone (photo gallery) so in the unlikely event that a prospect’s phone does not have internet connection at the moment I need to share my contact details, I simply go to my gallery and open the offline QR code image, and all that the prospect has to do is to scan it with a QR scanner app, my contact details (usually as a popup link) will appear on his or her phone…

Sample contact details popup fetched by scanning my offline QR code with iPhone

Then the prospect (now recipient) has to simply click to save my contact details…

Typical contact details fetched by scanning my offline QR code
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