In this introduction, I discuss how that I recently destroyed all my traditional business cards (i.e. paper business cards) and why. And I show a close up of the only business card I currently keep (my smart business card) and indicate how that with that single smart card, I am able to transmit my contact details, social media profiles (and / or any other information I so desire) directly to a prospect’s phone without physical contact.

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Not too long ago I used to hold and distribute traditional business cards with pride; recently however, I destroyed all those paper business cards. Why? A pack of business cards is actually a waste of money and space! Carrying a pack of normal business cards around is way too much inconvenient and highly inefficient!!!

We are now in the era of smart business cards!

Some of the ‘old-school’ business cards I eventually destroyed recently

Now I keep one special business card on me (my smart business card; see below. It is like a bank card; it has a microchip inside). And as a user, I need just one! And with that single smart business card, I share my profile, contact details, and any other relevant information, to someone I meet’s phone without giving out my card per se. I just show the smart business card to the person’s phone, for instance, and bingo! My contact details get transmitted wirelessly, correctly and instantly onto the person’s phone. When you scroll further down you will see a video showing the smart business card in use.

In action… my Eco-friendly smart business card

Wowed on seeing my contact details directly transmitted to her phone without physical contact

As simple as bringing phone and the smart business card close enough without physical contact

Wowed on seeing my contact details directly transmitted to his phone without physical contact

Yes, I went in for the eco-friendly black bamboo type, and deliberately opted for a simple white inscription on it without a logo or any fanciful branding (I love it to bits!) but there is a metal option, and also a plastic option and can be branded in full colour with your logo or in any fashion you so desire (Terms & Conditions Apply). And together they come in some 15 colour variations to choose from; When you scroll down a little you will see many samples; below is mine…


My smart business card; showing the front

That single smart business card takes care of all the 3 businesses I run since I can select what to transmit at any point in time; how cool is that! Today I can save my contact details directly (and correctly) on people’s phones and not worry about the numerous disadvantages or drawbacks traditional business cards have. It’s the only business card I will ever need!

Someone called it a miracle business card!

I save myself the cost and inconvenience of having to print and carry packs of traditional business cards around.

Plastic card samples…

Wooden card samples…

Metal card samples…

Absolutely stunning branding; so beautiful!

  1. Makes a great and lasting first impression.
  2. Affords you to save your contact details correctly and instantly on people’s phones.
  3. One card takes care of all the information you may want to share no matter how varied; so one card takes care of multiple businesses or needs; essentially forever. Cost-effective; saves you money in the long run, giving you value for money.

More advantages…

  • You can easily update your stored information anytime!
  • Very healthy! No physical exchange of card is involved; it is absolutely contactless!
  • Very practical; the size is that of a standard bank card and fits conveniently in a wallet or purse.
  • It’s really cool, and very effective!

Watch the video…

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Everything counts!​

More so in today’s fast-paced world

Business networking has changed forever!

So in today’s world, and for efficiency and proof of status, the new trend in business and social networking is to use smart business cards. Business cards as we have known them, and how we have been sharing them like communion, are now obsolete; they are each a thing of the past! Today, a single smart business card replaces all the business cards you will ever need! And it also determines to a large extent how serious you take your business and your personal branding.

That is what caused Mr. Mann all the embarrassment, and made him lose a mega business deal. Mr Mann’s story is further below; he was thinking and acting the usual — old school — since he had no clue regarding how things have changed in business networking, especially the new and smart way we are expected to share and receive contact details these days.

Be in the know, and avoid embarrassing yourself at your next important meeting where someone might be pulling out a smart business card.

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By the way, what do you know about the etiquette governing business cards?

The business world has for several years cherished business cards as the primary means of sharing contact information in a complimentary gesture; always handy when you meet prospective partners, potential customers, etc. for the first time.

Indeed, in many cultures, especially Japan and China, there has been a whole etiquette or accepted and expected cultural way of giving and receiving business cards; for instance a person was required to hand out and / or receive a business card with both hands reaching out as shown, and after receiving the card even where you placed it (whether pocket, wallet, etc) were all important factors that determined whether or not you would be seen as a good prospect.

That was then; today, the story is entirely different with the advent of modern technology; especially the smartphone.

Meet Mr Mann (not his real name) …astute business executive who takes networking seriously, and has had the opportunity to close several business deals as a result. He knows his stuff, and when he introduces himself and his business to you, he hands his business card to you with traditional etiquette, and where he has to take yours too, likewise. Indeed, things are working for him. He is on his way to a very important meeting that promises a good deal with some new investors…

This is Mr Mann from the meeting; this time things did not go well, because the people he went to meet deployed smart business cards, and Mr Mann had no clue as to what to do; it was such an embarrassment! He went along with his bulky pack of traditional business cards and gave them out like holy communion; the people’s body language was that of disgust even though they did well with their forced smiles, just so that Mr. Mann wouldn’t be way too embarrassed.

That was the end of the deal; the prospective partners didn’t think Mr. Mann was abreast enough with happenings in the business world so he could not be fully trusted to deliver good business in today’s fast-paced business environment where every serious person needs to capitalise on the speed and efficiency current technologies provide. Actually, they did not even have the time and patience required to transfer Mr. Mann’s contact details from the paper business card Mr. Mann gave to them, and they certainly did not make reference to those traditional business cards either since anytime they needed contact details they went straight to their phones rather than scouting through a collection of the numerous traditional business cards they had piled up over the years.

I know someone who has more than 400 of such traditional business cards collected over the years; how easily would yours be looked for, and found in such a pile? You get the limitations of the traditional business cards; right?

Fact: if your contact details do not end up on a prospects phone immediately, take it that the person does not have your contact details and will thus not be able to get in touch with you.

It is said that…

You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.

In other words… “Innovate or die!”

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Well, before we delve into the practical demonstration, it is important to understand what a smart business card really is, what indeed makes it smart, and how the various types look like.

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