PROJECT: Ekumfi for Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

December 2016

Blame is not for failure, it is for failing to help or (failing to*) ask for help.
| Jorgen Vig Knudstorp [ CEO of Lego ]
*Originally not part; inserted by Dave for clarity of quote.

In the year 2020 we will help some of the worst performing pupils and students in Ghana to become some of the best performing students and pupils. And by 2030 we will end the cycle of abysmal performance among pupils and students in Ghana, and make majority of them excellent pupils and excellent students. This is a practical follow-through intimated by the widely publicised solutions-focused article written by our CEO in the Daily Graphic (Ghana’s leading Newspaper), and a more recent expert recommendation to the President, and the Education Ministry.

Why and how we intend to do this, as well as why you may love to support us and how, have all been outlined as follows…

Outline/Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Summary
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Vision Statement
  5. Unique Value Propositions / Key Considerations
  6. 2017 Budget Summary and Justification
  7. Critical Success Factors
  8. Marketing Objectives


1 Introduction

Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life! (EEE-Z!) was designed upon almost 10 years of intensive Research & Development by the lead advocate: David K Egyir, a productivity expert who has authored 13 books and more than 50 articles on the subject of ‘Education & Productivity’ and has had several media appearances on the subject matter. It is made up of some really amazing principles for learning/studying. David chanced upon some of the principles during his secondary school years at St. Peter’s (Nkwatia) and applied them; so though he was from a relatively deprived community/environment and did not benefit from any formal vacation classes and/or extra classes, he emerged as the school’s best performing student in the WAEC Examination (GCE O’Levels) and beyond. He later taught others the principles and they also witnessed fantastic results! (Appendix 9.5)

We are certain that, helping pupils/students in Ghana to know and apply those powerful principles will augment the formal education system to eventually end the cycle of abysmal performance among pupils and students in Ghana, and make majority of them excellent pupils and excellent students in the truest sense, and more. This is the objective of the EEE-Z! Project.

We are making this submission to you, a viable strategic partner/sponsor organisation, with the expectation that you will agree for your organisation to fund part of the budget required to successfully execute the first year of the Project. In return, you will enjoy all the juicy benefits outlined in Sub-section 1.5 of this document; including enhanced corporate image, high social impact satisfaction, high brand exposure/recognition and high Top-of-Mind Awareness that will serve to particularly increase your market share, with the potential for high profits.

The Budget Summary is as per Sub-section 1.6 of this document.


2 Project Summary

A. Project Description

To train carefully selected teachers to know the applicable Zing4Life! principles and thoroughly understand them, so that in turn, they will train pupils/students to also know the principles, thoroughly understand them, and also rightly apply them.

B. Expected Primary Accomplishments

In December 2017, the project will finish training 180 pupils/students (or multiples of that) in the Ekumfi District of the Central Region, and in December 2027 the project will finish training a cumulative total of 1.6million pupils/students across the country; to know and apply Zing4Life! principles to adequately unearth/harness their true/hidden academic potential to at least 4 to 10 times what the current education system is able to achieve.


Metaphorically, this EEE-Z! Project can be likened to adding that little baking powder to the dough when preparing bread; which causes the dough to increase in size several times just overnight.


How the expected results above will be monitored, measured and reported has been outlined in the formal proposal being sent out.

C. Project Costs

It will cost Thirty Seven Ghana Cedis (GHC37.00) every week (or a total of GHC987.00 for 7 months duration) to train each of the 180 pupils/students targeted for 2017. The Budget Summary (Proposed Uses of Funds) is as per Section 6 of this document.


3 Mission Statement

To end the cycle of abysmal performance among pupils and students in Ghana, and make majority of them excellent pupils and excellent students.


4 Vision Statement

To establish perpetual recognition for EEE-Z! as the most potent, and the most impactful foundational human resource development intervention for true nation-building, and thus the most sought-after complementary education intervention at all the levels of education.


5 Unique Value Propositions/Key Considerations

  1. EEE-Z! is the most potent ingredient missing in our Education, especially at the Primary and Secondary levels and we are the only organisation set out to implement it.
  2. The 1.6 million target over the 10 year duration has been derived based on the Pareto Principle, The Law of Diffusion of Innovation, and the projected population of Ghana students/pupils in 2027, and it represents the critical mass that will yield a massive nationwide turn-around of our education, and the amazing benefits thereof.
  3. The related Training Manuals shall be branded/imprinted with the logo and inscription of your organization…
  4. Your organisation may be the only/exclusive financial institution to be allowed to associate itself with this unique and powerful EEE-Z! transformational intervention, and you shall be issued with a certificate of recognition/fully-fitting citation.
  5. The related T-Shirts that will be distributed for use by the participants shall be branded/imprinted with the logo and inscription of your organization.
  6. Banner adverts to promote your products/services shall be placed on the homepages of both Seers Foundation website ( and Seers Blog Portal (
  7. Your organization shall receive live presenter mentions during the related training sessions, and due recognition in related media/marketing communications.
  8. A roll-up banner (to be provided by you) shall be placed at the venue of the training, and possibly during other related Seers Events.


6 2017 Budget Summary

The 2017 Gross Total Budget for Training 20 Facilitators for 2 months and 180 pupils/students for 7 months (in the Ekumfi District) is GHC 177,583.00. The summary breakdown is as per Table 1.1 below. The detailed budget along with the various assumptions made is as per Section 5 of this document.

Table 1.1 :: 2017 Budget Summary

SN Budget Item Amount (GHC) Remarks/Justification
1 Training Manuals 65,076.00 A set of 5 manuals for each participant (including trainers) at 30% subsidy.
2 T-Shirts 3,420.00 To promote the project and sponsors/partners
3 Brooches 240.00 To profess commitment and also promote Seers Blog Portal where the partners/sponsors are showcased. Brooches are for Facilitators only
4 Handbands 408.00
5 Travels and Lodging 28,500.00 Lodging will be for the Seers Team during the Training of Trainers Weekends at Ekumfi.
6 Lunch/Refreshment 34,740.00 To ensure alertness through the long hours
7 Training Allowances 27,620.00 For the Teachers, and the Seers Trainers
8 Hiring of Training Equipment 1,069.00 Will be used for Training of Trainers only, and will cost almost 9 times to purchase/own
9 Sub Total 161,073.00 Net Cost of Training; does not include contingency provision for unforeseeable costs.
10 Allow for Sales & Marketing, and Public Relations 5% 8,054.00 To include Blogging, Blog Promotion, Etc.
11 Total 169,127.00 Cost of Training without Contingency
11 Allow for Contingency 5% 8,456.00 To take care of any other costs that may arise
12 Grand Total 177,583.00 Adjusted/Safe Gross Cost of Training; includes contingency provision for unforeseeable costs.


Each participating pupil/student will be required to register for the training by paying GHC50.00 which represents a token 5.07% of the unit training cost. In essence, GHC9,000 (5.07%) of the grand total training cost will be raised through the registration fees, and the other GHC168,583 (94.93%) shall be raised through strategic partners.

We request you to fund all (or otherwise a good portion) of this GHC168,583.00 required to be raised through strategic partners/sponsors.


When in the near future everybody is expressing gratitude for this very powerful EEE-Z! intervention, you will be repeatedly acknowledged and appreciated; you should never be missing out in that honour roll of the visionary persons/organisations who implement this very powerful EEE-Z! intervention.


7 Critical Success Factors

  1. Every activity must be placed in the context of the big picture as captured in the Mission and Vision statements.
  2. Rigorous/thorough ‘Training of Trainers’ must be ensured.
  3. A healthy self-image has to be induced into all participants, right from the onset, and throughout the training.
  4. A hunger for the pleasant end-results of the training must be born in all the participants (including the Seers personnel) right from the onset, and sustained throughout the training.
  5. Full commitment of all the participants (including the heads of the schools) must be secured, right from the onset, and sustained throughout the training.
  6. There should be continuous Monitoring & Evaluation to spot emerging incidences ahead of their possible occurrence, and mitigating factors quickly and carefully designed to avert them, or otherwise deal with them.

In essence, a lot of hard work shall be required for the success of the project. And the team is poised to execute to utter admiration.

The critical success factors above have all been factored into the details in the Technical Approach (Section 2 of this document).


8 Marketing Objectives

Marketing and Public Relations strategies and activities shall be carefully coordinated with the objective of (i) promoting the successes of the project right from the beginning, no matter the magnitude, (ii) acknowledging the support/inputs of partners/sponsors, and (iii) promoting the products/services of partners/sponsors.

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PROJECT: Ekumfi for Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

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PROJECT: Ekumfi for Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

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PROJECT: Ekumfi for Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

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