The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity – II

Once upon a December:

It was December 2012, and I was gladly ending some seven years of exciting research and development work on Zing4Life! and naturally, the thought of ‘what project to tackle next’ was on. I knew it would be good to focus on a project to help the Small & Medium Scale Businesses / Enterprises; I would call it Zing4Cash! But then, reality hit me; I was going to ignore the second crucifixion – Crucifixion of the Holy Scriptures! Crucifixion by who? Many; including some ‘men and women of God!’ most of whom do not really mean to do so; but they end up doing so all the same – essentially preaching what is more of personal opinions and presenting them as facts / truth. And that which is causing this will amaze you!



Since we cannot continue to do the same thing(s) we have been doing all this while – over and over again – and expect different/better results, and as a sequel to the original ‘What the Church Refuse to Teach About Christianity,’ in this article, I will highlight some attitudes of grave negligence we apply to the content of the Bible, as I continue to draw attention to the deep but ‘not-so-obvious‘ issues that we Christians largely overlook (and they consequently harm us) alongside the obvious ones that need to be highlighted.

Outline/Table of Contents (ToC):

The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

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The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?

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The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?