Special Capacity-Building Training to Help You and Your People to Achieve Your Objectives / Goals More Easily, Faster, and in a More Pleasant Way. #Productivity

Available to groups / organisations, and individuals belonging to groups / organisations.*

Action Required

We first have to do an Introductory Presentation to you and your people for contextual appreciation so that those interested can subsequently participate in the actual training, and it usually takes 45-60 minutes for this introductory session; 30 minutes for the Introductory Presentation, and 15-30 minutes for Questions & Answers. Kindly suggest / indicate a date for this; for the purpose, please click here to fill / complete the Data Form online and submit online. Alternatively you may download a PDF copy and print it; then fill / complete it, scan and email the completed Data Form to admin@seersapp.com

The Introductory Presentation, dubbed THE PURPOSE COMPASS, begins with the lead speaker / trainer / coach’s personal testimonial titled: ‘How I Died, and 3 Lessons I Learnt Before I Woke Up,’ through to ‘The 4 Habits that Make Life Difficult,’ and culminates in the summary outline of the main training, viz: ‘7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life; Lessons from the Hebrew / Greek Bible, Life Experience, and more than 100 books on Personal Development, Organisational Development, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.’

It’s FREE!* Very juicy promotional packages are usually available and are announced as part of the introductory presentation. By the kind curtesy of Seers Foundation.

This is a worthy cause and an onerous task that requires a lot of support; especially your continual support. So support us; support us to transform #more lives. Even a ‘little’ support can make a huge #impact! You may click here to see the options available.

Following the Introductory Presentation, those who express unwavering interest will be signed up (registered) for the actual training; estimated to run for up to 1 year. Even though each individual may need this training, not everyone can sustain the commitment needed for the training, so only serious-minded people will be taken on board. Take full advantage of this offer / opportunity; do not procrastinate; quickly apply… fill / complete the Data Form now and submit as required.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Some Benefits

The benefits that will accrue to you and your people are numerous; we are pleased to indicate a few more as follows…

  1. You and your people will be able to re-discover yourselves and your amazing hidden potentials; you will be equipped and positioned to become exceptionally more productive; especially, you and your people will be assisted on how to harness the power of your brains to accomplish great desires for yourselves and your organisation. It will enable especially those in school to achieve extreme academic excellence.

  2. This training will save you and your people from the problem of extremely poor affection for their jobs. You and your people’s desire to live a truly fulfilling life will be heightened, and you will know what to do to indeed get to live a truly fulfilling life.

  3. You and your people will be equipped to adequately deal with day to day stress and avoid the harmful consequences of stress. Eventually there will be drastic reduction in the number who would otherwise be falling ill, and also a drastic cut down on medical bills.

  4. So much more! You may click here to visit the brand website: zingforlife.com.

Terms and conditions apply

The lead speaker / trainer / coach is the Global Lead Advocate for the Zing4Life! He has written 14 books (and counting) on Human & Organisational Performance Improvement Techniques and Strategies, and over 50 articles on the subject of ‘Education & Productivity’ and has had several media appearances on that.


For the background to this training, you may click here.

You may call 026.637.7777 | +233.26.637.7777 or send a message via SMS or WhatsApp for any assistance required on the above.


Seers …grooming humanity for excellence, and raising exceptional doers!

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@peepso_user_1(David K Egyir) This is a must attend programme for every serious-minded individual; amazing!
3 days ago