Uncle Kwesi Pratt, It’s Too Much!

Open Letter from Dave to Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior |

Dear Mr. Pratt,

I trust that this letter finds you well, and ever poised to continue to share your candid opinion on matters that affect our dear country; with the view to influence our development as a naturally blessed country/continent, except for our numerous human lapses.

By the way, I see you as a comrade because I’m in a similar pursuit; except that yours is in mainline politics, whereas mine is in the arena of Total Education, and my recent articleFixing Our Education; a Delightful Paradigm – published in the Daily Graphic – and now online – captures the essence of my advocacy.
[You may click here for that article]


I have listened to your submissions on issues that bother on our national development, and it’s clear that you’re deeply incensed by our collective attitude; rightly so! The pain of seeing our dear country’s economy slipping out of our hands when we are rational enough – and also capable – to do something to avert it, and yet we are not being decisive at doing so – that pain – is too much! There is massive unemployment and underemployment, our ‘Debt-to-GDP’ ratio is very alarming and yet we still have huge infrastructure deficit, we have very little share in the abundant natural resources, the economy is heavily import-driven and consequently depreciating the local currency, price inflation is so huge, our environment is getting degraded the more, filth is all over, etc; even though we have a lot of people who have been to school extensively; some with PhDs, Masters Degrees, and other very good credentials, and are in charge at various levels. Besides, we are a highly religious people; we worship God a lot, and we pray a lot. Why is this so, and most importantly, what is the solution/remedy? Fortunately, after more than 7 years of Research & Development, I found the real reason why this is so, and most importantly what we have to do to redeem the situation (you may click here to see the solution), and that’s what got me into advocacy.


It is not easy, especially when people you would expect to be excited about solutions seem engrossed in the status quo; but I will not give up and I know you will also not give up. Like Kwame Sefa Kayi keeps saying, it’s for God and country!

Long live Ghana! Long live Africa!! Long live Solution-mindedness!!!

It’s Dave | dave@egyir.org


David K Egyir

An Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach :: Passionate about harnessing his true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. You may click here to see more about him.

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