Dear ‘S***hole’ Countries, Here is How to Exit

Dear ‘S***hole’ Countries, Here is How to Exit

Open Note to the Leaders of El Salvador, Haiti and Africa

The internet and traditional media seem to be ‘breaking’ under the weight of the barrage of responses that the recent controversial comment made by president Donald Trump has generated. Some of the responses/comments have been harsh, some fair, and a few others comical and very interesting while drumming home a very important point; like the one further below. I was particularly excited by the response tweet of Ghana’s president: Nana Akufo-Addo; you may click here to see that tweet.


My Take

Much as I find Donald Trump’s ‘s***hole’ label very offensive, it gives cause for some introspection because the truth (harsh reality) is that most of these countries (if not all) are in an awful mess. I give examples in my previous articles: Education in Ghana; the Bad, the Ugly, and the Fix! and Why ‘Education’ Has Failed Ghanaians; you may click here to see the examples. Other people have given examples in the media, especially social media.



Our rage and/or fury at the ‘s***hole’ label will not change the facts/situation/reality on the ground unless the countries under reference (especially with the commitment of their political, business, and religious leaders) do something concrete/practical to change the situation. The good news is that, the countries under reference can take very simple steps to quickly improve their lot dramatically, give their citizenry much better living standards, and earn the respect and recognition of people like Donald Trump; it’s important to note that he has voiced out the thoughts of a whopping lot of people we may not hear directly.


The Best Way Forward

So what steps must political, business, and religious leaders of the countries under reference take to quickly improve their lot dramatically, give their citizenry much better living standards? I have outlined them in my previous article: Education in Ghana; the Bad, the Ugly, and the Fix!; you may click here to see the powerful solution/remedy.

Truly, “The future began yesterday, and we are already late“. Yes it will take time, and that is the more reason why we don’t have to delay further; imagine if we had started long ago! It is said that “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the next best time is today“. Let’s get going! Click here to see the powerful solution/remedy.


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Dear ‘S***hole’ Countries, Here is How to Exit

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Dear ‘S***hole’ Countries, Here is How to Exit

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Dear ‘S***hole’ Countries, Here is How to Exit