Blank Cheque! The Single Most Important Observation Made Through Several New Years

Happy New Year!

I take the opportunity to wish you a year filled with greater happiness, greater health, greater wealth and greater peace!

Indeed I could wish you all the good things in the world (I believe you had quite an enormous amount of those kinds of wishes during the watch-night/x-over service) except that, my wishes (and even your own wishes, and that of your pastors/prophets) are not as important as the practical steps you will necessarily have to take to achieve these things for yourself (James 2:14-26) for the year is a blank cheque given to you by the one who is the source of every conceivable good thing; you can write any amount or any blessings you so desire / require and withdraw that through some practical / hands-on effort on your part; you have to roll-up your sleeves, God and / or his angels will not come and do for you what you will have to do for yourself (just cast your mind back through the years gone by and judge for yourself; life is consistent / repetitive).

Before I outline what I consider as the most effective practical steps that constitute the effort required, let me share with you one very important observation I have made over the several years of experiencing New Years…

Laugh and Learn 🙂

Every new year requires that two (2) things have to change; thankfully one does change (automatically) but the other often does not really change, even though it surely needs to change and indeed should have changed even before the other one.

The one that does change (automatically) is the Calendar. We have no problem with that; we often prepare ahead by getting new calendars, or otherwise depend on our electronic/mobile devices to feed us with new calendars. It is important to note that the attributes of the days in this new year are not different from that of last year; they are the same, that is why we were/are able to predict the calendar for the new years ahead! (Take some cue from Romans 14:5, Matthew 5:45, Galatians 6:3, Proverbs 10:4, and Proverbs 12:24). Remember that life is that consistent; in essence, nothing has really changed! (not even in the spiritual realms) Assurances such as “divine orchestrations favouring you above others” (and so on) may be heartwarming and indeed exciting, but don’t be overly excited by them; if they motivate you into serious practical/hands-on action instead of inaction or half-hearted action then that’s fine. However, if you don’t have a carefully thought out plan, and/or if you are not diligent or purposefully busy, then all that excitement may amount to very little or nothing.



The other thing that has to change is our attitude/habits, but sadly many people eagerly look forward to the new year only to start old habits afresh. In spite of the many activities and inspirational sermons and prophecies within the some four hours euphoria to usher in the new year, self-esteem issues still persist, as well as poor reading habits, lack of proper comprehension, lack of proper time management and so on. Especially for us in Ghana (and Africa), after several decades of doing these things, there is still massive unemployment and underemployment, our ‘Debt-to-GDP’ ratio is very alarming, we still have huge infrastructure deficit, and very little share in the abundant natural resources, our economy is heavily import-driven and consequently depreciating the local currency, price inflation is so huge, our environment is getting degraded the more, and filth is all over, etc.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein: we cannot continue to do the same things over and over, and expect different results! Fortunately, there are some 7 (expandable to 13) simple but extremely effective steps that anyone can use to harness one’s true/hidden potential and make a big difference; I hereby recommend the steps to you…


Step 1: Discover the Eagle in You!

A story is told of an eagle that lived its life as though it was a turkey, just because it was raised among turkeys. Interestingly, what you attempt, or do in life depends on what you convincingly know as your capabilities. And though you are an amazing being with extreme power and that nothing whatsoever can stop you except your own self by your own mind, chances are that you might go through life without being made fully aware of this innate power. So you end up doing just common things. Discovering the eagle in you involves getting to know aspects of yourself that help you to advance from just believing that you were born to be great, to actually knowing with empirical evidence that you are actually great; that there is greatness already inside of you. You will get deep revelations of what makes the real/true you – an amazing being with extreme power/capabilities; as opposed to the ‘regular’ person society has influenced you to become. You will get to know how to use that great power or abilities already present in you to achieve breakthrough solutions and amazing results.

Among other things, you will get to know and use the 8-Step Creative Thinking Process; very powerful! (You may click here for excerpts) You will be convinced that there’s nothing that you cannot accomplish in this life, and you will develop the courage/confidence to apply yourself and actually work to achieve whatever great desires you decide to accomplish; businesses or ventures, projects or tasks that you hitherto would have thought of yourself as incapable of handling, and you will handle them logically and conclusively.

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David K Egyir

An Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach :: Passionate about harnessing his true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. You may click here to see more about him. To support Dave's Writing & Life-Coaching Social Ministry, you may click here.

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