AK Mensah Writes in Support of Universities in Ghana

Our universities in Ghana are not doing all that bad! We all started there and we got trained with the foundation! We only need restructuring of the curricula to induce highly critical and independent thinking from our students. A schooling system that aims at producing problem-solving graduates! An education where graduates see the relevance of all that is taught, and become capable of applying the knowledge in solving real societal issues!

AK Mensah Writes in Support of Universities in Ghana

I had always maintained that everything taught in school has real life applications! From venn diagrams, to pie r square, to histogram, to bar and pie charts, to pollination being the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a flower, to pythagoras theorem, to calculus, to carbon sequestration, to calculating the area of a circle, to born harber cycle in chemistry, to nuclear chemistry, to periodic chemistry, to isotopes and abundance, to stoichiochemistry, to spectroscopy, to mass spectrometry, to mulching in agriculture, to why we draw a fish or insects and label the parts, to why we measure pH, to sequences and series, to moments and momentum in physics, to many!

All have real life applications and nothing the school system taught us is useless and was just for fun!

The onus lies on the part of the system to create real education in the people! Alas, the onus lies on the part of the individual to get himself real education from the school system! The real education ceases, the moment the school system becomes an arena where students come to pass exams and go away! Education should make an individual think! It should make an individual become capable of applying the knowledge gained and taught in solving problems confronting human kind and her society!

Source: FB Timeline

AK Mensah Writes in Support of Universities in Ghana

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AK Mensah Writes in Support of Universities in Ghana

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