7 powerful secrets to unlock and unleash your true or hidden potential speedily and effectively. And manifest your dream wealth and a truly fulfilling life FAST! — Personal Development and Professional Growth Masterclass

This workshop or short course implements the art and science of transforming your professional landscape through high-level Personal Development. It is a catalyst for general and professional greatness. It will help you to skyrocket your career. And answer a lot of the nagging questions you have about life, especially issues regarding productivity, happiness, and wealth. […]

Exceptional life coaching, towards a truly fulfilling life! – Module 1

Empowerment promise This course will help you to… You are never too young, or too old to fulfill your mission. Do you know your true potential? Chances are that you do not, and that you underestimate your capabilities, and may currently be using very little of your true or hidden potential abilities, especially your brain […]

GHEPC-04: Attitudinal matters

You may click here to download the presentation *slides. You may click here to download the notes accompanying the slides. Much of the training of prospective Energy Performance Certification (EPC) issuers is on the technical aspects of the work. However, the effectiveness of the training, examination and the field work (to be seen in the […]