What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity

Matthew 5:45, Acts 7:48 and James 2:17/26 are also in the Bible!
There is a Problem: In Ghana, Christians alone constitute over 70 percent of the population - according to the 2014 Ghana Demographics Profile* - besides Muslims and Traditional Religion adherents. Ghanaians (and indeed, Africans) are very religious, and have been praying fervently and consistently. Besides, the Universities, Polytechnics, Training Colleges, and Technical Schools produce numerous intellectuals - Professors, Doctorate Holders, Masters Holders, Diploma Holders, and a whole lot of people with serious academic credentials; some from very reputable universities across the globe; yet the country / continent is bedeviled with age-old developmental problems such as indiscriminate littering, ignorance, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, stack poverty and general underdevelopment - even though the country / continent is blessed with such abundant stream of natural resources. Why is this so? And what is the solution / remedy?

What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity

In my previous project (You may click here for more about my previous project) I answered the question of ‘why we are so religious yet so underdeveloped‘ to a very large extent; however, I focused on the role of formal / mainstream education (Schooling) and was – inadvertently – silent on the role of the church (which turns out to be the biggest stakeholder). Indeed, what the church teaches has been a major cause of the problem, and even more so what the church refuses to teach. On the other hand, the solution / remedy lies in what the church should stop teaching, and even more so what the church should endeavour to teach!

You agree with me that we cannot continue to do the same thing(s) we have been doing all this while – over and over again – and expect different / better results; the word / expression for describing that, is unprintable! In this article and the related ones, therefore, I seek to share some specifics. I will draw attention to the deep but ‘not-so-obvious‘ issues that we Christians largely overlook (and they consequently harm us) alongside the obvious ones that need to be highlighted; with the goal to help us (including myself) to harness more of our true / hidden potential and consequently solve our existing / persisting problems – as well as the emerging ones – and live far happier / fulfilling lives while here on earth, and leave a far better country / continent for our children and our children’s children.

Outline / Table of Contents (ToC):

The Role of What the Church Teaches

The importance of Formal Education cannot be overemphasised; especially for our development. Indeed, traditionally, we look to the mainstream education (formal schooling) for solutions to our developmental challenges; rightly so because schools (especially higher education) exist for that purpose. Unfortunately, Ghana (and indeed, Africa) has not benefited much from the pool of educated minds available to her (as earlier intimated). Many reasons have been assigned by people but they have all been short of the root cause; you may click here for my article: ‘Why Education Has Failed Ghanaians.’

Fortunately, the church acknowledges that the mainstream education alone cannot solve the problem we face (as a people) for which reason the church must play a part; except that the solution the church has been prescribing, and the unique help she has been offering seem to be causing more harm than good. When it comes to development / prosperity, church leaders / pastors of today predominantly preach and / or emphasise on ‘prayer‘ and ‘adherence to religious requirements.’ They seem to say: ‘God will do it! Pray and obey religious requirements, and everything will work for your good!‘ And if the expected results or answer seem not to be coming, ‘pray some more, and be even more religious! God will surely do it; just believe, He might just be saying ‘wait,’ for God’s time is the best!‘ Otherwise, ‘it is the work of the devil; pray (and fast) even the more!‘ This approach could be misleading, and therefore dangerous.

I recently heard a very respectable man of God (with a large following) preaching on radio and teaching that there are three solutions to any and every problem: that, the first is ‘prayer,’ the second is ‘prayer,’ and the third is also ‘prayer!’ Is it as simple as that? Halleluyah! So then, where is the place of ‘application of the intellect‘? Why do we go to school? What is the place of research and development? Should we stop everything else and pray for solutions to our problems, since our problems are indeed many?

The above predominant teachings of the church, and how these teachings are done, are probably the reasons why a lot of the believers in Ghana and Africa are so lazy, and poor (well, many will claim that they are ‘rich’ by faith; I know); productivity among Christians is abysmally low, and a bane in the development of the country / continent! Is it not the case that we do not know what we should pray for as we ought? (Romans 8:26). I am a firm believer in the power of prayer; prayer works (mostly for spiritual purposes) but certainly not an alternative to the need to take physical or practical action towards dealing with (or finding practical solutions to) our problems! When Nehemiah heard of the great distress and reproach that the Jews who had survived among those who escaped the captivity were going through, and the fact that the wall of Jerusalem was also broken down, and its gates were burnt with fire, he did not pray that God should fix the problem; he mainly prayed and asked God to forgive his people, and also for God to grant him favour before the king! The actual solution to the problem (rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem) was ‘planning and action;’ he put his mind to work, and also mobilised his people to work; through great leadership and organisational skills! And the formular has not changed!!!

To put in a few sentences, I will say that the church is refusing to teach members two important things:

1. ‘How to rightly interpret and apply Scriptures in their proper context; that is how to rightly divide the word of truth,’ and…

2. ‘How to harness their true / hidden potential so as to live highly productive and truly fulfilling lives that can bring about accelerated tangible development to Ghana (and Africa).’

Do We Really Work Hard?

You are very likely to get the heebie-jeebies on this ‘laziness’ issue, if you consider that a lot of Ghanaians (and Africans) throng to their work places on a daily basis; some jostling and sweating. It is very tempting to think / presume that they are working hard; No!

The best working definition of the kind of ‘hardwork‘ I am expecting to see in our lives is captured in a profound quotable-quote by Sir Joshua Reynolds; he says that: “There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labour of thinking;” or as Henry Ford puts it: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” And ‘thinking‘ here refers to ‘Creative Thinking;’ not ‘Worrying,’ and as Thomas Edison has observed: “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” Studies have shown that, ‘Man is in constant motion towards anything that gives him or will give him pleasure and away from anything that gives him or will give him pain.’ And So when it comes to having to ‘think,‘ we do everything possible to try and avoid it, and that includes – essentially – leaving our earthly physical / practical responsibilities (supposedly) for ‘God’ to handle; by only ‘praying and observing other religious requirements’ and hardly taking the required practical action preceded by and / or laden with ‘creative thinking.’ (You may click here for more about creative thinking and how to unearth your true / hidden potential.) Indeed, it is more convenient to pray and observe other selected religious prescriptions, than it is to ‘think!’

I could sense some godly frustration in Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil’s voice when he said: “We have prayed a lot! We have gone to church a lot! We have sung a lot! We have danced a lot! Now it is time to ‘think’ a lot!” In another instance, he said: “It’s time to stop having All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy,” and that, “It’s time to plan, to work hard and to be focused,” and also that, “Every Nation that has moved from third world to developed world had a clear plan; they didn’t hope that things will happen. They didn’t have All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy. They planned for change of economy!” I believe we can do the latter without ignoring the former (since step 3 of the 8-Step Creative Thinking process involves what can essentially be classified as prayer) but the point is that, prayers alone will not solve our problems; we need to take the right practical actions as well!

Christians of today have come to see prayer as the most potent tool at their disposal, and are attempting to use it for everything (Christians of today pray and ask God to do everything, including helping their side to win football games, and other non-spiritual problems) as though prayer is the only tool they have. Are Christians forgetting that ‘Faith without works is dead‘? “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?” (James 2:14) Abraham Maslow once said: “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Indeed, when all you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail, and Christians have fallen prey to that temptation! Beloved, we can infer from James 2:22 that, faith works together with works, and by works faith is made perfect! “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” (James 2:26)

I recently chanced upon this saying: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man ‘religion’ and he will die praying for a fish.” I do not know what you make of that, but much as I was not that comfortable, it set me thinking, and I have come to observe that our actions and / or inactions as Christians give some credence to it. In any case, unless and until we take practical steps to increase our productivity, especially through creative thinking etc., much prayers and other religious activities will only wear God out (Isaiah 1:7-20); remember, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. (James 4:17) Besides, God will not send ‘angels’ to undertake what is clearly our direct and sole responsibility as men/women.

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Whereas the main emphasis of the church today may sound ‘christian‘ and nice, they do not constitute the full message, and therefore not fully potent to yield the needed results; that is mainly why our developmental challenges seem to persist for such a long time! For instance – and sadly too – the religious requirements the followers are to adhere to (or obey) for blessings are often carefully selected and narrow in scope; mostly centred on making sacrificial services – as in doing sacrificial work – and giving funds to the church as an organisation, and / or to the pastor as ‘the man of God’), and the said blessings assured are mostly promises of earthly provisions such as cars, houses, good jobs, better pay, visas, marriage partners, good marriages, etc. This (I believe) is on the conviction of Philippians 4:19 (“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.“) The principle is that these acts of righteousness are being done for God, so that God will in turn ‘bless’ the doers abundantly. Again, this ‘message’ is ‘incomplete.’ Also, notice that in all these, the focus is on what the individual doer stands to benefit (quite selfish), rather than what the larger society would stand to benefit (which demands a higher action of creative thinking in hardwork). In any case, Proverbs 10:4 makes it clear that, “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich;” but how often do believers hear this and similar kinds of scriptures; or do we ignore such scriptures on purpose?

Consequently, many Christians end up having to put up with ridiculously low fulfillment rates of the leaders’ assurances of abundant earthly provisions / blessings. And if there is any, the blame must go to the followers more than the leaders / preachers. (I give the key reasons in my article: ‘The Second Crucifixion; Are Christians Being Careless?‘ You may click here to see it.) The church should amend this kind of skewed teachings to include (and equally emphasise on) all the proven practical and scientific requirements – especially creative thinking, and persistent positive action – as well.

The need for a paradigm shift becomes even more imperative / crucial when you consider that, the mainstream education is predominantly partial education; it is able to harness only twenty-two percent (22%) of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life (You may click here for further details), and the mainstream will remain this way for a very long time, if not forever. So really, harnessing the remaining seventy-eight percent (78%) potential that the mainstream education is unable to harness – in order to see significant improvement in the state of affairs in the country / continent – depends very much on what is taught outside the classroom; especially what the church teaches; or rather, what the church should teach – but hardly teaches. Remember, in Ghana alone the church comprises a whopping seventy percent (70%) of the population; even though the average figure for the whole of Africa is less (Almost 40%). These are significantly huge numbers that should make significant positive impact in the development of the country / continent if you consider that – per the pareto principle – twenty percent (20%) of the people will make eighty percent (80%) of the impact. Indeed, Christians are supposedly the salt of the earth, and the light of the world, (Matthew 5:13-14) and that places a lot more responsibility on the church.

Having such a large membership, and the opportunity to influence this large numbers over almost their entire span of life of earth (a rare opportunity that is not available to schools; schools have the opportunity to directly influence attendees only for very short / limited periods) the church remains the best hope for influencing people to positively affect the country/continent tangibly, and such an opportunity should not be underutilised/abused!

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What the Church Should Teach:

As far as Salvation, Morality, Evangelism, Prayer, Fasting, and the likes are concerned, I believe that the church is sounding the trumpet well – to a large extent; the church should continue to teach these to every soul. The issue of Eternity is so important; we must use all creative means (with the guidance of the Holy Spirit) to win as many souls for Jesus Christ, baptise them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and make them faithful / true disciples for the same cause, by teaching (not just admonishing) them to obey whatsoever He (Jesus) has commanded us. (Matthew 28:19-20) Further to this, and to adequately complement the mainstream education so as to indeed bring about the needed tangible accelerated continuous development of our country/continent (to achieve one in which Rule of Law, Transportation, Healthcare, Environment, Human Rights, and the General Well-being of the people, Etc. are tops – just like in America, Europe and the the rest; and / or even better) church leaders/pastors need to make a conscious / deliberate effort to teach their members (or otherwise get qualified people to teach, or else admonish the members to seek and get to know) the principles embodied in the following broad themes / stages…

1. Discover the Eagle in You
2. Immune Yourself Against Trojans
3. Embrace the Natural Laws
4. Crave, Mine and Apply Knowledge
5. Be in Control
6. Manage Your Six Lives Properly
7. Think and Act Entrepreneural

These are discussed in details in THE PURPOSE COMPASS : 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling life; simply referred to as THE PURPOSE COMPASS. You may click here to see.


THE PURPOSE COMPASS presents other / additional very insightful information on very pertinent issues including: The 4 Surprising Habits that Make Life Difficult. THE PURPOSE COMPASS is available in Book Print, eBook / PDF, Audio, and Video formats. You may click here for Synopsis / Excerpts / Preview of THE PURPOSE COMPASS.

The 7 themes above are usually expanded to the following 13 Parts / Series…

Part 1

Deep revelations of what makes the true [ real ] you – an amazing being with extreme power / abilities; as opposed to the ‘regular’ person you have allowed yourself to become. And how to use that great power / abilities already present in you to achieve breakthrough solutions and amazing results

Interestingly, what a person attempts to do, or end up doing in life depends on what he / she convincingly knows as his / her capabilities. Sadly, 97 out of every 100 individuals (Christians and non-Christians alike) underestimate their capabilities and thus use very little (far less than 10%) of their true / hidden potential. Ordinarily, every person born of a woman comes into this world already equipped with biological resources (brain, etc.) that make him / her potent enough to be able to, at least, start / develop a theory, a company, a product or service that will significantly improve the lives of at least 1 billion people within 10 years – the default ‘supreme mission’ of every individual. It is not as if God gives these abilities later in life, after someone has done some religious acts of righteousness to please Him; No! For instance, it may not even be necessary to pray to ask God to make you creative; He has already done so at your birth! You were very creative when you were young; except that your parents/guardians, teachers and probably pastors might have ‘beaten’ that attitude out of you during your upbringing. You can simply use the 8-Step Creative Thinking Process to unleash your creativity right away! (One Dr. Elmer Gates used that approach to acquire 200 US patents (original ideas/inventions) to his credit.) Indeed, God has already made us great, and so to pray to God to make us great might be an ‘error;’ we just have to live out that greatness – if we know how! How many Christians are aware; let alone apply themselves to these in the right/appropriate way? A negligible few!

You may have a tool for so long and still not know how to use it. I bought a guitar that has been lying in my house for more than 5 yrs now but I don’t know how to play it; simply because I have not taken time to learn how to play it. Let me share another experience with you: I happened to be one of the team of Architects on the Vodafone Head Office at the Airport City, Accra. and on one of my inspection rounds, I noticed that the wc cistern that had been fixed was slanting; it was not level. So I called in the guy who had installed it and he tried to explain himself away; he said: “Boss I used the level instrument to check so it is level” I can show you; and he put his spirit level instrument on it and said, boss you see that it’s on the line? What this guy did not know was that, if the meniscus happens to be on the line at the end of the bulbs as he was pointing to me, it means the instrument is not level; the meniscus is supposed to lie exactly in the middle of the two lines, one of which he was glad the meniscus was lying on. So he thought he was using the instrument rightly, but rather he was using it wrongly! Similarly, the fact that you have had a brain all this while and have been using it somehow does not mean that you have been using it rightly; you either must be thought for you to learn how to use it or you must teach yourself how to use it by reading the brain’s instruction manual.

Of course, many Christians believe (and indeed confess with their mouth) that ‘they are the head, and not the tail; they are above and not beneath!’ But mostly, it is not out of their deepest internal conviction because that belief is simply based on verbal admonitions and not practical exposition/demonstration in themselves. A lot (if not most) of Christians are so afraid to venture into big ideas and / or big things! Why should the fear of failure persist within believers? The church must teach and train Christians to come to a practical and demonstrable realisation of this innate practical potential / power and show / task her members to apply such to solve the prevailing problems / difficulties.

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Part 2

How some basic things in your day-to-day interactions are secretly harming you so much; why they are the most dangerous things you encounter, and what you can do to protect yourself against them

Through a number of situations and processes in life that ordinarily appear harmless but have inherent dangers, and cause harm in the final analysis, each of us tend to acquire self-limiting attitudes as we grow up; call them ‘Trojans.’ These tend to act as brakes to prevent you from taking the actions that are necessary (though they may be involving) for a great and a fulfilling life, even when you know what actions to take; it creates ‘inertia.’ This is what I meant by ‘parents / guardians, teachers and probably pastors ‘beating’ that ‘no-barred-confident-action’ attitude out of us during your upbringing. Church leaders / pastors must teach / train their members to recognise these ‘Trojans,’ and also know how to deal with them in order to mitigate their effects.

Part 3

How the world’s truly great achievers look at things, why they look at things that way, and why looking at things that way makes you more effective and automatically positions you for true greatness

We live in a universe that is governed by principles or natural laws that work wherever, whenever, and for whoever. The world’s truly great achievers (even those who are not Christians) somehow know and apply this basic truth in every aspect of their endeavours, and it works beautifully for them, irrespective of all the limitations, difficulties or challenges they have (or had) to face; while many of us Christians only rise up to play. Like gravity, you don’t decide (or decide not to) obey them; you obey them regardless without being reminded, and when you don’t obey them, you suffer the consequences. So in the case of gravity for instance, when you topple off a balcony wall, you will fall – regardless of whether you are a saint or a sinner. Of course, God can work out a miracle to save you; but that will be only in rare instances, and at His will; it is not the normal cause of things/life. And it is our heavenly father and creator God who has set such order in place; none of it is a creation of man / science; but through science, man has discovered and learnt to apply these natural laws to improve life.

Christians need to be made aware of all these natural laws or fundamental principles, and also be taught / shown how to apply the principles to benefit themselves and humanity. Is it not sad that many of the leading innovations are by atheists whilst the whopping majority of Christians only remain as consumers of their innovation? This is an error, we need to reverse the trend; Christians must endeavour to equally make significant impact in scientific advancements, and eventually take charge. If we Christians should lose all our saltiness, we will be fit for nothing else except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

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Part 4

The simplest, fun-filled and most effective way to learn and get the most out of write-ups and other presentations and be able to easily remember the facts / details

Following from the issues discussed in 1. above, a Christian can master any subject, vocation or skill in a relatively short time – if one knows how; no subject would ever appear difficult to them again! And the principles embodied in the ‘EIA3R Formula’ (the world’s best method of learning) and the ‘Learning Method – Retention Matrix‘ are all there for the purpose. Teaching these to church members will go a long way to help Christians to get so many times more information from any material (including the Bible) than what others will get from the same materials. They will be able to remember scriptures, facts and figures in ways they have never thought possible for themselves before, and they will generally get to become unstoppable in their career and educational pursuits; no matter their backgrounds or current circumstances.

There is abundant evidence to suggest that perhaps the greatest problem in the social, academic and corporate worlds has to do with the fact that a lot of people do not comprehend well enough the content of emails, memos, manuals, documents, etc; let alone follow and / or apply same rightly for excellent results. This happens because, generally in school and in their upbringing, people are not diligently taught the core principles, techniques and strategies for getting the most out reading materials, teaching / lectures and other presentations; they are are not taught ‘How to Learn!’ The issue go as far as adversely affecting people’s understanding / appreciation of the Scriptures; their interpretation and application of them. (You may click here for a quick survey that will prove this to you.)

So Peter Drucker (the world’s foremost Management guru) says something that is significant; that, “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” The church should champion this!

In a similar vein as outlined above, the church should teach / train the members on the following additional broad themes…

Part 5

The key to instant happiness, a stress-free and fulfilling life; one that works no matter your background or current circumstances

Part 6

The simplest and most effective way to direct your Emotions to work positively for you so as to be on top of your world all the time no matter what happens around you

Part 7

Why you need so many people around you in order to achieve truly great and significant success; how to get the people to be exceptionally happy being around you, and how to get them to cooperate with you and with one another at their highest levels of efficiency and productivity; all with relatively little effort on your part

Part 8

How you can easily get more things done in a month than you or most people could ordinarily get done in a year; without stressing or burning yourself out

Part 9

Simple but exceptionally effective ways to turn your job / work into an enjoyable game for yourself while you increase productivity at the same time and get promoted faster, or get more income in a month than you or most people could ordinarily get in several months; without stressing or burning yourself out

Part 10

Insights into the unsuspecting ways your income gets eroded. And the most efficient and effective way of spending your income such that you are never hard-pressed, and rather, attract more income into your kitty; without stressing or burning yourself out

Part 11

Simple / easy to do habits that will keep you away from illness / diseases and away from curative medication and save you money, time and stress; allowing you to enjoy long life in a very healthy mind / body

Part 12

Simple and profound / insightful truths about why ‘bad’ things happen to even ‘good’ people, and vice versa; how these truths affect your life; how to properly integrate them into your life, and with that get to achieve and sustain high levels of happiness and poise in your life

Part 13

Simple and the most effective steps you can easily follow to pursue and accomplish a great / mega Vision; the main steps used by the world’s truly great achievers to achieve great accomplishments

Back to Outline/ToC

In essence, the church should teach the latter (how to unleash your true/hidden potential and contribute more meaningfully to the socio-economic development of your country / continent / world in an effort to fulfill your supreme mission on earth), without ignoring the former (how to live a morally upright life here on earth and also make it to heaven). I must however quickly acknowledge that, some churches teach some few portions of the latter, but that is not enough to yield tangible results in the country / continent; a certain critical mass is required. So the teaching on the above broad themes must be widespread across churches / denominations, consistent, comprehensive – in the above most logically arranged order for best impact – and thus, conclusive. The target trainees must include the young ones as well (they should receive such training by age seven) and the audience participatory method of teaching / training, with practicals / assignments (or even something better) must be used; but certainly it should not be a normal sermon of admonitions. The church may choose to partner with organisations like Seers Foundation (Extreme human resource development NGO committed to grooming humanity for excellence and raising exceptional achievers) to organise Seminars / Workshops for the purpose. This is about the best way to help develop the people / country / continent tangibly and appreciably. Again, if we Christians should lose all our saltiness, we will be fit for nothing else except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

You may click here for a recording/playback of the live radio interview review of this article.

Deny the Devil Undue Credit. And Don’t Blame God!

I must emphasise that, most of the problems we face as a people are not spiritual at all; they have no spiritual causes; otherwise most of them could be solved or dealt with by simply fasting and praying against them in the name of Jesus; because the power in that name is above every spiritual wickedness even in high places! Indeed, there are seven (7) main sources / causes of problems / difficulties, and out of the seven, only one could be attributed to evil forces or demonic beings; so statistically, there is almost ninety percent (90%) chance that a problem / difficulty that occur is man-made. We are often too quick to either put it on God (We suppose that He is taking us through a lesson) or otherwise, we (often erroneously) put it on the devil. I dare say that, you shouldn’t even think of spiritual causes until you’ve sought the appropriate professional advice on the problem, and unless all the relevant and adequate professional and scientific remedies, properly applied, prove impotent for your situation; though they happen to work for other similar or same situations. Therefore, always look out for the natural causes first, and deal with them adequately in addition to prayer; don’t be too quick to assign spiritual causes to every problem.

Two fishermen were trapped in a storm in the middle of a lake. One turned to other and asked, “Should we pray, or should we row?” His companion responded, “Let’s do both!” That was wise. Take that advice!

Again, it is not every problem that is caused by the devil or some demon; No! And for such problems, God will not solve them for us (He gave us brains and other resources for the purpose), neither will he send angels to deal with them, and ordinarily such problems will also not just varnish on their own, so you / we have to deal with them by applying the right kind of knowledge or know-how; you/we have to apply wisdom! And the principles you will learn through the right / detailed teachings on the themes outlined above, will provide that kind of wisdom. If you want the best available set of resources that teach the principles, you may click here.

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A necessary ‘Selfie:’

The church should take a ‘selfie.’ Yes, my point exactly; the church should do serious self-evaluation! Well, from where I sit, the portrait I am seeing of the church in Ghana (and Africa) is not the best! It has been activity upon activities, and what became of productivity?

It seems to have become more of a social or cultural requirement/trend to go to Church; to either please God – supposedly for favours – or get a fix, religious entertainment, psychological relief, clear one’s conscience, show off the latest clothes and other adult toys (cars, etc.), enhance networks for business and social ties or for financial support, or something of the sort; under the frame of going to worship God! But our works do not match up; we are essentially ineffective when it comes to using our ‘Christianity‘ or ‘Christianess‘ to bring about tangible and / or accelerated improvement in the development of the country / continent; particularly, tangible and / or accelerated improvement in the lives of a whopping majority of the Christians who religiously throng to places of worship at weekends and on weekdays. It is like ‘having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof!‘ Wouldn’t Matthew 15:8-9 and Matthew 23:15 (which warn against vain religious acts) apply to our churches? And frankly, since religion is part of the general education of the people, and truly “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” a religious culture that does not aid the mainstream education to bring about continuous, tangible and accelerated improvement to the followers, need to be re-examined, and we must do so with urgency, and quickly improve; so as to curb the rising number of people who are fed up with the Church! (You may click here to read more about that.)

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Related References:

Romans 8:26 :- Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (NKJV)

Demographic data* :- http://www.indexmundi.com/ghana/demographics_profile.html; also http://www.ghanaembassy.org/index.php?page=population and http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/general/statistics.php [Accessed: 25 January 2015 at 00.07] and http://www.religiouspopulation.com/africa/ [Accessed: 28 January 2015 at 22.39]

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What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity

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Direct Coaching

Comes in 2 main options, each with a different cost implication...

  • Option 1 :: Online on a suitable interactive social media platform with the guidance of a facilitator
  • Option 2 :: In person with a facilitator at a training location / venue (usually our premises, or an equally suitable location for the training)*

Prices shown for Direct Coaching* are for the popular choice... Option 1. This includes Bronze Membership, allowing you online access to special content to complement the Direct Coaching.

For Option 2, a minimum of 10 subscription purchases are required. Where trainee(s) opt for a significantly different training location / venue other than one within the reach of the facilitator, prorated facilitator transportation charges (FTC) may apply, in addition to the subscription purchases. Where it occurs, actual figures shall be determined and agreed upon prior to the training.