The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities, and not living truly unfulfilling lives

You are about to experience life in its most amazing form, like never before! You will more effortlessly navigate the maze of life as you discover deep secrets, fantastic tools, techniques and strategies that will save you so much time and negative emotions in your daily endeavours, save you money, help you to earn so much more money as you accomplish greater feats, get you greater happiness, and get to live a truly fulfilling life! Starting with what is most important to you right now.

Breeze through life with exceptional confidence

Fulfill your true life purpose

Live a truly fulfilling life!

Really amazing tools, techniques and strategies compiled into handbooks, audios, seminars or workshops, etcetera and accessible in full or in parts

The most concise and super-impactful capacity-building resource ever!

Based on the results of more than 7 years of intensive research and development work by EGYIR

Primary integrated solution to the 4 popular, very surprising and easily avoidable habits that are currently making your life difficult, or otherwise may soon make your life difficult.

Designed to get you to #improve your current objectives or goals #significantly, and also be able to achieve those significantly improved objectives or goals more easily, faster, and in a more pleasant way. We’re talking #extreme #productivity! About becoming…

But isn’t formal education (or schooling) supposed to do that?

Well, surprisingly or perhaps not so surprisingly, formal education (or schooling) does not; indeed, formal education (or schooling) alone cannot! As you can tell from the story behind the discovery of Zing4Life!

The back-story in his own words...

A year before getting married, I relocated to a different part of town and joined a church in that new location. I then joined the youth fellowship and along the line got elected to lead the fellowship; I soon reckoned that I really needed to learn ‘Leadership’ otherwise it was going to be very difficult leading the highly heterogeneous group it was; comprising people with vastly different orientations, some highly educated graduates and others having little or no formal education, and inbetween.

It is worth noting that I had been a student leader throughout school; primary school I moved through cupboard monitor, class captain to school prefect; secondary school I became a house captain, and during university years I moved through group leader, publicity secretary, projects leader, and organising secretary for the graduate (postgraduate) students association – GRASAG. However, through all those stages not once was I (or were we) taken through the principles of good or true and effective leadership, and not once had I read any book on leadership; let me confess that I once came across a book titled ‘How to lead’ but there was no desire to read it because, as is the case with most people, I thought I was okay in my leadership; that attitude of: “what could possibly be different in that book that I didn’t already know, and what would I even lose not knowing what was in the book.” In that sense I was suffering from the number one problem the educated middle class suffer from: unconscious incompetence, i.e. not knowing what one does not know and thus being comfortable and confident while ignorant. Possibly, the closest to a semblance of leadership training I had (or we had) were character studies from the Bible; woefully insufficient. Sad!

So I headed to my favourite bookshop and got leadership books; while there, some general self-help books caught my attention so I got them as well. I read those books diligently and that was the beginning of an unforgettable experience; it was as though I was receiving education afresh! I can boldly say that the education I received from reading those books was as valuable as the education I had received in my 6 years of university education, and in some cases even more valuable! 

Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it


One of the most shocking discoveries (that actually marked a major turning point in my life and career; there are other turning points) was Harvard University’s sad finding about Education that points to the fact that formal education is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life. Interestingly, it had been corroborated by other research carried out under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Indeed a lot (if not most; I’m inclined to say 80%) of what you learn in school will have little or no direct use in your life and work, so you will necessarily have to learn completely new knowledge, skills, and attitude for life and work after you graduate. In other words, of all the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need in your life and work in order to be effective and truly fulfilled, only a little of that (about 20%) will be part of what you learn in school.

In essence, education and schooling are not the same thing! And as Prof Sir William Arthur Lewis succinctly puts it… “Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it.” Sadly! And most of the problems you face (or are likely to face) in life stem from this. Typically, most people are not truly fulfilled in life, to the extent that most of the ailments people report to the hospitals with are not pathogenic; i.e. they are not the effects of disease-causing organisms, but largely by-products of the lack of true fulfillment in life. And others. (You may click here to see the true meaning of education.)

Ideally, the religious organisations should be filling in the gap, and providing that needed complementary education, especially since they have access to people right from the cradle to the grave and wield such a great influence on them (much more than what schools could ever dream of) but our religious organisations have not taken the bull by the horn, and are failing abysmally (see ‘What the Church refuses to teach about Christianity‘ for more about that; you may click here). For this reason the onus is on you and I to seek the much needed complementary education on our own, and also help our people to do same. So for instance, during my school years from nursery and primary levels all the way through 6 years of university education, we were never taught how to use the right methods and techniques to study effectively nor how to manage our time effectively in order to get more things done in a relatively shorter time without burning out, etc. And for all these more than 40 years that I have been active in church we were never taught those essential life skills either; I had to fall on numerous self-help books, seminars and complementary education videos (in all, more than 1,000) to train myself on those essential life skills, and several other very critical life skills that all the pillars of culture (including school, church and the other religious organisations) are ignoring.

I felt that my greatest contribution towards the development of humanity, especially Ghana (and Africa) was to share my findings; I was thus moved to collate the best and most effective principles, techniques and strategies that can harness the true (or hidden) potential of any individual (or group of individuals) no matter the person’s background and current circumstances. i.e. irrespective of a person’s age, gender, looks, financial resources, educational background, etc! I call that Zing4Life! And The Eagle in You presents the principles, techniques, and strategies in the most concise format.


You may scroll further down to see the parts, chapters or components that constitute Zing4Life! and a whole lot of other benefits you stand to gain from Zing4Life!

What people say...

This book, ‘The Eagle in You,’ carries a message that is timely and pertinent. For me, as one who has spent a lifetime searching and raising writers, I am thrilled that there seems to be an emergence of a crop of new and young writers in Ghana who have something worthwhile to say and David Egyir is definitely one of them. Enjoy it, savor it and let it nourish in you the incredible life that is your right as a human being created in God’s image and your responsibility as a person with a unique destiny to fulfill.*
James Ebo Whyte
Renowned Writer

*This is an excerpt from the Foreword to the book. For the full Foreword by James Ebo Whyte (Uncle Ebo) of Roverman Productions & JoyFM Food for Thought fame, you may click here.

I will urge everybody reading this post to get that book to read. I read the book 12 years ago. In fact that book was behind my name EAGLE... it's my real name though, ok even on my passport. That book will literally provoke you to Action because it will shift your paradigm completely. Your thinking will change entirely. This is the time we even need that book. We became friends since. The book teaches you how you can pull out that Eagle (the unstoppable you) in you. Remember, nothing changes for you until the way you think changes. Get the book, you will thank me later.
#motivation #books #reviewpost #theeagleinyou
Israel Eagle Senanu
I was introduced to Zing4Life! on University of Cape Coast (UCC) campus; I got that opportunity through a friend. Ever since I sat in the introductory seminar about five years ago, all aspects of my life have never been the same. Just that introductory seminar alone helped me to… Improve my grades, and graduate with honours, co-found my first business whilst on campus, organise my first empowerment seminar, get interviewed on radio and attract key resource persons and sponsorships for the program which was for final year students in the district where I did my national service, get elected as the Chairman of the executive board of my parish youth organization, etc.
Bright Tsebewu
Entrepreneur / Educator
Hi David, I have to quickly admit to you that your work on emotional intelligence served me right when I read it. Even though I had had to read materials on the subject matter before now, your work proved to be more relatable to me. Thanks!
Peterson Okponam Fabian
Legal & Compliance Officer at Lumos
People should really move away from their comfort zones, risk and venture into more rewarding areas and become truly rich; the book helps in that light. David has done well in coming up with a book that should help the youth and practitioners in the small to medium scale enterprises (SME) sector, especially. The approach is good; it really sets you prepared so as not to take things for-granted.
Prince Kofi Amoabeng
Retired Captain / Renowned Banker
I believe everyone needs to go through this program; it is a training for that great life we all dream of. I say Zing4Life! training makes you a professional achiever in life. It is really amazing!

So it had always been my dream to go through the full program, knowing that indeed I will live a great and truly fulfilling life if my dream to go through the full training comes true. Now, here I am, done with the part one of Zing4Life! and truly, the experience and the impact has far outweighed my expectations...

For the first time, I have gotten a full view of who I am as human being, how I do things and the fact that there is really no limit to all that I can accomplish. For the first time, despite all the self help books I have read, I have been guided through Zing4Life! to create a blueprint for my life in a very insightful way. For the first time, I have been introduced to concepts and ideas that have changed the way I think, talk and work. In fact, the rate at which I generate ideas and come up with creative solutions has shot up to over 100%.

As an educationist, I now share my ideas about education with other teachers and parents at all levels for which they are always grateful for. I have actually done series of training for certain groups of teachers.
Bright Tsebewu
Entrepreneur / Educator
I love the book! The section on Attitude and Aptitude is extra insightful! I've read many motivational books; I can confidently say that, 'The EAGLE in You' is the best! I’m reading it again
Emmanuel Obeng Annan
Export-Import Professional
Thank you Dave for Zing4Life! I am grateful!

It had been my desire to work on documentaries to address problems facing our communities and encourage people to work towards solving these problems. Then I was asked by my supervisor at work to organise a program on World Food Day (the theme was on food wastage).

This program was going to take all my time, so at first I was reluctant to take it up especially because I found it to be an undue pressure and hardwork. But then just as I planned to tell my supervisor that “I can’t embark on this program” Mr. Egyir posted the Step 6 of the ‘8-Step Creative Thinking Process’ as part of Zing4Life! Part 1; then followed the story about the charcoal bit, I became motivated; I started entertaining inspired thoughts in my mind. I decided to take up the challenge; then I saw the opportunity embedded in the work given to me. I then decided to embark on demo documentary; something I had been dreaming about for years.

Well my school was going to fund this project so I started applying the Step 7 by showing gratitude for the support I was given. In fact I was surprised I couldn’t see the hidden blessing in this work given me until the Zing4Life! principles came in. Lastly I started organising the inspired thoughts and ideas I was conceiving, into definite plans. I gracefully embarked on a mini project.

It was a small project but I learnt a lot, at least I now have a real experience on documentary. The adventure was real; I have decided to make it my project every year to investigate into food wastage at every stage of the food supply chain and inspire the youth to brainstorm to find solution to this problem in order for us to get enough to feed hungry people in our community, nation and the world as a whole.
Eugene Osei Denkyi
Entrepreneur / Educator

Once upon a morning

It was a Saturday; I was still in bed when the call came. Who could this be this early Saturday and what could the issue be? I wondered for a brief moment, and reached out for the phone. 

To my surprise, it was from one of my dad’s contemporaries, a very elderly man. Wow!

We had not interacted in a long while; more than one year, so more questions raced through my mind. I picked up the phone, and hit the answer button with some anxiety; naturally. 

The pleasantry was short, and I could sense that he really wanted to get to something quickly. Apparently he had two related issues to clear with me. 

The first was a simple question: “Kweku, where can I get a copy of your book, The Eagle in You?” 

I quickly answered him with joy. And he went on… 

“Kweku, you gave me a copy several years ago, but I kept it on my shelves all these years until recently when I got around to read it, and I was amazed at the depth of insights you shared in the book. I subsequently gave it to a lawyer friend of mine to also read, and he was also so amazed that after reading he has given the book to his son to also read. I want him to get his personal copy.” 

Then he dropped another one… 

“Kweku, permit me to ask you o… how did you come by all those amazing and very practical insights for living that you have shared in the book; they are rare!” 

I took in a deep breath and then explained to him how that it had taken me more than 7 years of intensive research and development to come up with that book, and what had triggered that project in the first place.

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More blurbs...

The book is very practical. I particularly like the section on ‘how to manage people.’
A Chartered Architect
The book is so amazing; very insightful, and it flows so naturally, I could hardly put it down! I wish I had such a book in my youthful years.
A Top Business Management Executive
The book is very practical. I particularly like the section on ‘how to manage people.’
A Chartered Architect
The section about ‘Learning to remember’ is so powerful! It will help students and pupils to excel in their school work and examinations so much!
A Medical Research Scientist
The book explains this whole ‘attitude’ thing so well. It’s really given me more insight!
A Banker
The book will help the youth so much! I'll let my seven year old son read it; for some of the words, he can use a dictionary.
A Business Executive
Right within Chapter 1 the book helped me to correct a mistake I'd been making in my life all this while. It’s a blessing!
A Private University Student

How to get Zing4Life! :: 4 main ways...

A. Pre-recorded Presentations

Option A1: You acquire the applicable books or manuals in your preferred format(s) (available in Prints, eBook, Audios, or Videos)  and go through the material on your own.

Option A2: You enroll in the Zing4Life! Certification course online and go through the material online and on your own.

B. Direct Coaching by a Facilitator

A facilitator will be assigned to help you to really appreciate the Zing4Life! principles, techniques and strategies thoroughly...

Option B1: Via online video call.

Option B2: In-person at Seers offices or otherwise any suitable venue to be agreed upon.

C. Seers Empowerment Summits

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D. Seers Community Meetings

Weekly meetings for members of the Seers Community (Seers Partners, Leaders and Innovators Network | SPLIN) and other interested persons.

Zing4Life! is amazing!!!

Main parts, chapters or components... 

Deep revelations of what makes the true (real) you - an amazing being with extreme power / abilities; as opposed to the ‘regular’ person society has influenced you to become. And how to use that great power / abilities already present in you to achieve breakthrough solutions and amazing results

How some basic things in your day-to-day interactions are secretly harming you so much; why they are the most dangerous things you encounter, and what you can do to protect yourself against them

How the world's truly great achievers look at things, why they look at things that way, and why looking at things that way makes you more effective and automatically positions you for true greatness

The simplest, fun-filled and most effective way to learn and get the most out of write-ups and other presentations and be able to easily remember the facts / details

The key to instant happiness, a stress-free and fulfilling life; one that works no matter your background or current circumstances

The simplest and most effective way to direct your emotions to work positively for you so as to be on top of your world all the time no matter what happens around you

Why you need so many people around you in order to achieve truly great and significant success; how to get the people to be exceptionally happy being around you, and how to get them to cooperate with you and with one another at their highest levels of efficiency and productivity; all with relatively little effort on your part

How you can easily get more things done in a month than you or most people could ordinarily get done in a year; without stressing or burning yourself out

Simple but exceptionally effective ways to turn your job / work into an enjoyable game for yourself while you increase productivity at the same time and get promoted faster, or get more income in a month than you or most people could ordinarily get in several months; without stressing or burning yourself out

Insights into the unsuspecting ways your income gets eroded. And the most efficient and effective way of spending your income such that you are never hard-pressed, and rather, attract more income into your kitty; without stressing or burning yourself out

Simple / easy to do habits that will keep you away from illness / diseases and away from curative medication and save you money, time and stress; allowing you to enjoy long life in a very healthy mind / body

Simple and profound (insightful) truths about why 'bad' things happen to even 'good' people, and vice versa; how these truths affect your life; how to properly integrate them into your life, and with that get to achieve and sustain high levels of happiness and poise in your life

Simple and the most effective steps you can easily follow to pursue and accomplish a great / mega Vision; the main steps used by the world's truly great achievers to achieve great accomplishments

...constitute the Zing4Life! Series

Get the 13 parts individually in a pack at 10% Discount

Most people click the ‘Get it‘ button to make their selection once they get to know the foregoing; however, if you want more info about Zing4Life! you may see further below.

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Makes for an ideal gift – indeed a priceless one – to give to yourself, and your people: family members, friends, team, staff / workers, students / pupils, congregation, countrymen, etc.

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Zing4Life! is really amazing!!!

The most comprehensive and super-impactful capacity-building resource ever!

...for a truly fulfilling life!

Some extended benefits of Zing4Life! are as listed below…

The benefits that will accrue to you and your people are actually a lot more; those listed above are just to indicate a few examples.

Zing4Life! is unique!!!

Zing4Life! is awesome; it's fantastic!!!

Zing4Life! is the most potent ingredient to effectively deal with the bizarre developmental state of Africa

Zing4Life! is transforming the lives of many individuals across the globe, but perhaps the most significant application of ‘Zing4Life!’ is its application to accelerate the development of Africa; the richest continent in the world in terms of natural resources, and yet bedeviled with age old developmental problems such as indiscriminate littering, ignorance, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, stack poverty and general underdevelopment; even though almost all the people are very religious and have been praying fervently and consistently; besides the Universities, Polytechnics, Training Colleges, and Technical Schools produce numerous intellectuals – Professors, Doctorate Holders, Masters Holders, Diploma Holders, and a whole lot of people with serious academic credentials; some from very reputable universities across the globe.

Metaphorically speaking...

Zing4Life! is a catalyst; i.e. an activator or an enabler. There are several metaphors we could use to explain this; a few are as follows…

Get The Eagle in You

The wonder education















Makes for an ideal gift – indeed a priceless one – to give to yourself, and your people: family members, friends, team, staff / workers, students / pupils, congregation, countrymen, etc.

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So in the diagram, how many squares did you make out in total; how many squares are there?

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One: Sometimes you need someone to show you the obvious, and oftentimes… the not so obvious! Credit to ZigZiglar

Two: Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it. Credit to Prof Sir William Arthur Lewis

Three: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Credit to Prophet Hosea

Four: The illiterates of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn! Credit to Alvin Toffler

Five: The greatest obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Credit to Daniel Boorstin

Six: When you know the right things, the boundaries around your life suddenly disappear. Credit to Brian Sher

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