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The Creative Paradigm - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $26.00
Winning Leads - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $18.00
The Primary Paradigm - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $40.00
Brainy Acts for Learners - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $18.00
The Art of Happiness - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $10.00
The Big Deal - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $14.00
The True Leader - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $40.00
More Time on Hand - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $12.00
Work Can Be Fun - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $14.00
Wealthy Habits - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $8.00
Healthy Habits - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $18.00
Oasis in the Desert - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $18.00
The Ultimate Paradigm - Personalised - Printed Version  × 1 $76.00
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Direct Coaching

Comes in 2 main options, each with a different cost implication...

  • Option 1 :: Online on a suitable interactive social media platform with the guidance of a facilitator
  • Option 2 :: In person with a facilitator at a training location / venue (usually our premises, or an equally suitable location for the training)*

Prices shown for Direct Coaching* are for the popular choice... Option 1. This includes Bronze Membership, allowing you online access to special content to complement the Direct Coaching.

For Option 2, a minimum of 10 subscription purchases are required. Where trainee(s) opt for a significantly different training location / venue other than one within the reach of the facilitator, prorated facilitator transportation charges (FTC) may apply, in addition to the subscription purchases. Where it occurs, actual figures shall be determined and agreed upon prior to the training.