Hi! I’m Dave :-)


Well, my official name is David Kweku Egyir; usually rendered: David K Egyir. I’m really delighted to have you here.
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I am an Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach; passionate about harnessing my true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. To that end, I have written 14 books and counting, and more than 50 exciting articles especially in the area of ‘Education & Productivity.’ And I organise training seminars / workshops for the benefit of individuals, groups and organisations. Indeed, my supreme mission in life is to make people’s dreams come true…

  • People’s dream of a more peaceful and happier life
  • People’s dream of improved business and / or significant income, and…
  • People’s dream of beautiful premises conducive for living and / or for doing business.

This supreme mission is rooted in my passion!

In terms of positional leadership, I am the Director of Seers Foundation, Seers Consult and Infrastructure Solutions Outfit Limited, and part of the Arthro Synergeio team of Architects / Designers. I am also a certified Lay Preacher of The Methodist Church Ghana, and the Global Lead Advocate for Zing4Life!


Awards / Recognitions / Citations…

I have been privileged to have won awards, gained several recognitions, and received citations; including Best-Performing Student; Most Disciplined Student; Award-Winning Architect; Distinguished Leader; Etc. You may click here to see all.

I’ve had several media appearances, especially interviews that bother on True Happiness & Truly Fulfilling Life, True Leadership, #Productivity, Etc. Some of the media houses are…

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How I Died, and 3 Lessons I Learnt Before I Woke Up,
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Consult me on… #Life #Bible #Architecture #Design #Construction #Career and #Productivity matters; I am able, willing, and ready to help! Send an email to… dave@egyir.org , or a private message on this platform.


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The Eagle in You, and My Other Books

The Eagle in You‘ deals with the Single Most Important Requirement for Truly Great Achievements!
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Why Only a Few are Rich, and How You Can be Rich Too‘ is an Introductory Guide on How to Create Significant Wealth.
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The Purpose Compass‘ is about 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life.
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What People Don’t Know About Me…

Mostly at leisure, I watch Movies (Especially, the Comedy Genre / Type); otherwise I listen to Seminar Presentations (Especially TED Talks), or TV/Radio Panel Discussions. I really love them!

I also love to interact with great people like you; so please keep in touch! Actually, I recommend that you should join our community of persons who are serious about improving themselves, and helping others to also improve themselves. You may click here to see more.

It’s been my observation that a lot of wonder hang in the minds of people (judging from their facial expressions) after interacting with them, and a few muster courage to ask me very interesting questions that usually bother on my upbringing. Typical one I had to answer recently was… “So Dave, how did you get to become like this? You reason progressively differently, and do things in a unique way!” Well, it all began from my parents’ home. 🙂