Re-Echoing “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Job” to Be Successful

Apart from one particular person I know in life who does not see any necessity in being successful; I believe every individual would want to be successful. This particular person I know is “Mr Sucker”.

It may sound funny to know that “Mr Sucker” is not an ordinary “Joe” on the street but an indoctrinated and educated “chap” who over the years have been made to believe in an entrenched manner that “working for others is cool and it is the best in this world”. If you have this mindset, then I am sorry to say you are that “Mr Sucker”.

I used to be “Mr Sucker” until I stumbled on an article written by “Steve Pavlina” captioned “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A JoB”. The heading of the article was enough to catch my attention and I am proud to say after I read it, I decided to get out of the “Mr Sucker” skin and become the successful man I have always wanted to be. That was the point of dramatic change in my life.

Re-Echoing “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Job” to Be Successful

Success is a dicey concept, therefore difficult to attain if you do not understand in full the road map as well as the tips needed to grab it. If a treasure is positioned at the South Pole and in your attempt to discover this treasure, you head towards the North Pole, what is the probability that you will find this treasure?

More than half of the population chasing success have misread the map and therefore heading towards the wrong direction. The more efforts they put in their search, the more they alienate themselves from success since they are moving in the opposite direction.

How many times or years have you tried to achieve the success you dream for in life and yet you do not feel that you are getting anywhere closer? Instead of moving closer, you are distancing yourself.

One of most important but simplest of the puzzles that needs to be solved so as to get you closer to success is getting ride off the mindset “working for somebody” and embrace “working for yourself”.

As a law student, I find it sicken when I think about the structure of the educational systems in most part of the world.  Formal especially Higher Education is designed in such a way that, you are mostly taught “How to work for somebody” and not “How to work for yourself.”

It is even more sicken to know that, it seems most of us are programmed to think that working for “somebody is the coolest thing ever”. After all the education and training, what do we do? Start looking for jobs. Working for someone takes you far away from your dreams and success.

You can achieve the success you desire and deserve in this manner but it takes a hell of hard work and years of hustle, you might even die on the way before you get there. Most people who adopt this way of seeking success do not ever make it. This is never the coolest thing in the world; it is the greatest myth which continues to be passed on from one generation to another.

It sucks to know that so many of mankind are being “suckered” into failure so as to make us perpetual “Suckers”.

I hope after reading my introduction above together with Pavlina’s article which I have provided in full text below, you will reboot your mind in a full force towards the right direction which is working for yourself.

The article enclosed herewith: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job was written in 2006 by Steve Pavilon. This is the article that made me realized I was absolutely heading the wrong direction. It placed me in the right direction and If you care to read it, you will fetch the success you desire.

Source: TopVincent.Com

Re-Echoing “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Job” to Be Successful

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Re-Echoing “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Job” to Be Successful

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Re-Echoing “10 Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Job” to Be Successful

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