VIDEO: The Most Controversial Truth About Life

In this very illuminating ‘nuggets-based’ excerpts of an interview granted by Robert T Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ fame, he said many seemingly controversial things including… “It’s rather poor people that are greedy; greedy people produce nothing!” and also justified why most teachers are ‘fake teachers’ and emphasised the need to find ‘real teachers’ to teach you, or to learn from. By the way, who are real teachers?

Watch the video below; you will be amazed at some of the nuggets.



David K Egyir

An Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach :: Passionate about harnessing his true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. You may click here to see more about him. To support Dave's Writing & Life-Coaching Social Ministry, you may click here.

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