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7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life : Lessons from the Hebrew / Greek Bible, Life Experience, and more than 100 books on Personal Development, Organisational Development, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

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Hi! I’m Dave; well, officially David Kweku Egyir (usually rendered… David K Egyir). I am an Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach; passionate about harnessing my true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. I happen to be the founder of Zing4Life! and the author of The Purpose Compass (you may click here for more about me). And I am pleased to present a synopsis of The Purpose Compass, to you…

The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities

David K Egyir

The Story Behind The Purpose Compass

You probably are already aware that I undertake a lot of speaking engagements in churches. Now, some years ago a particular church in Accra (Ghana) invited me to speak on Life Management (i.e. How a person can manage his / her life efficiently and effectively for true fulfillment); at the beginning of the presentation I asked the parents to show by hands how many had their parents or someone else qualified enough to guide them systematically (as in… explain life to them comprehensively enough; to tell them what’s really important where and when, and show them how to organise their lives to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness and greatness) when they were growing up; I didn’t see any hand up. Then I asked them to show by hands how many of them wished they had someone guiding them in that manner when growing up; almost all (if not all) the hands went up! That is the situation across the spectrum of society; proper Life-Coaching is generally missing in our upbringing.

Since then, and for a long time, I was asking myself, “If I had only one chance to do only one presentation to the whole of humanity, what would it be?” ‘The Purpose Compass‘ presentation: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling life, has been the answer. In essence, The Purpose Compass explains life comprehensively enough; it tells you what’s really important where and when, and show you how to organise your life to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness and greatness! Remember it is based on amazing lessons from the Hebrew / Greek Bible, Life Experience, and far more than 100 books on Personal Development, Organisational Development, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Super!

Immediately below is a video excerpt from a TV Interview I granted when The Purpose Compass was released; you may scroll down to see more of the synopsis…

Outline of this Synopsis

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Why Are You Here On Earth?

You never decided to come into this world; no one ever did; well, ordinarily! You woke up one day to realise that you were in this world, and living among a number of people at various levels: home or household, neighbourhood or community, town or city, country, continent, world; though the realisation of these various levels happened at different stages in your life. Though you were born with certain instincts (for instance the instinct to cry, crawl, imitate, be inquisitive, etc.) much of what you know now, and the things you are able to do have been by means of elaborate learning processes such as social conditioning, auto-suggestions, etc; both consciously and unconsciously / subconsciously. The following have been some of your major teachers in those learning processes…

  • Family members (especially parents / guardians)
  • Friends
  • Religious leaders (especially those of your preference)
  • School teachers
  • Opinion leaders / Role models
  • Mentors / Coaches
  • Authors / Writers / Bloggers
  • Entertainers
  • Etc

These teachers might have influenced / taught you directly in person (home, class, seminar, seminar / workshop, etc.) or through the mass media: internet, radio, television, videos, books, magazines, etc. It so happens that even with their best intentions, and effort, chances are that eventually, you have been inadvertently socialised to underestimate your capabilities and are thus using so little of your true / hidden potential, and chances are that your vision / goals are not high enough; you have the opportunity to check this for yourself and know how you may be doing.


Did you know that you were born to be great; that you can pursue and accomplish whatever great desires you set your heart on, but then, you underestimate your capabilities, and use very little of your true potential? The following short exercise will always lead you to an amazing discovery about your level of #Productivity

One: Count the Squares...

In the squares diagram shown, how many squares are there; how many squares can you make out in total? 

Two: Draw 4 Straight Lines Through the Dots...

Draw 9 dots in an array as shown in the diagram, and then take a pen or pencil and draw four straight lines through all the nine dots without going over any of the previous lines, and without lifting the pen / pencil from the drawing till you finish

If you’ve undertaken any of these exercises before, then you may scroll down but then remember how you fared the first time you tried; else give them a try and see; you will be amazed! These exercises will always lead you to an amazing discovery about your level of #Productivity

Deep Revelations

Years of research into human and organisational performance factors has revealed worrying trends in the lives of individuals, organisations, and society as a whole, most of which are not openly discussed, but come up in people’s prayers, and / or when they are in sessions with their pastors, consultants, and other potential helpers. Thus, a lot of people / organisations live a lie; the following examples are startling…

Predominant Low Levels of Productivity

There are abysmally low levels of productivity among a whopping majority of people, especially the workforce.

Indeed, if you take every 100 individuals, chances are that 97 of them will be using very little (just about 3 percent) of their true / hidden potential. This applies to even religious persons and even persons with serious academic laurels. And the causes are unsuspecting and very surprising! Zing4Life! provides a remedy though.

So there is 97 out of 100 chances (97 percent probability) that you personally use very little (just about 3 percent) of your true / hidden potential; likewise your people. If you are a manager or a business owner (or even if you just hope to be one) or desire to really accomplish much in life (beyond the usual) this should concern you; Zing4Life! will help you.

Also, in most organisations, only 15 percent of the subordinates know what their organisation or department’s top goals and priorities are. A vast majority of subordinates (85 out of every 100 subordinates) do not know what their organisation or department’s top goals and priorities are.

Interestingly, of those that know the top goals and priorities, only 19 out of 100 feel passionate about the top goals and priorities; that translates to about 3 percent of all the subordinates.

Also, of those who know the organisation or department’s top goals and priorities, only 49 percent of their working hours is spent on the most important goals; more than half of the time is spent on less important activities. In a sense, in a lot of organisations, what the people accomplish the whole year, is actually doable within 3 months.

Again, if you are a manager or a business owner (or even if you just hope to be one) this should concern you. Zing4Life! principles, techniques and strategies are able to rectify this level of abysmal productivity.

Gross Underutilisation of Brain Potential

Majority of people (97 out of every 100 people) underestimate their capabilities and thus use very little of their brain power. Scientists estimate that most persons, during their lifetime, use their brains to achieve just about one-hundredth of 1 percent of what the brain is capable of achieving. In other words, if the brain is capable of achieving 10,000 marks what most people achieve with it is just 1 out of 10,000. It’s like having one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (like the Jaguar, or even the Sunway TaihuLight, or the new kid on the block: IBM's Summit) and only using it as a clock to display the time! How does that feel?

To illustrate further, assuming that the white cylinder shown is what the brain is capable of achieving throughout your lifetime on earth, then ordinarily, what you are likely to achieve with it is the green speck shown against the yellow cylinder; the yellow cylinder represents the comparative proportion of what you are likely to refuse to use their brains for: the books that will not be written, the businesses that will never be created, the theories that will remain unknown, the happiness, health and wealth that you may refuse to create, and so on! Because that is what mostly happens; unless you get the kind of orientation that Zing4Life! presents, and do implement the recommendations thereof.

Note that this is mainly about what one ordinarily ends up using the brain to achieve; as against what the brain was created to be capable of achieving. This is an unfortunate anomaly, and among other insights, the Zing4Life! presentation comprehensively outlines the systematic solution that works to ensure high levels of utilisation of the brain’s power.

So, what are some of the great deeds you can harness the power of your brain for?

  • You can harness the power of your brain to pursue and accomplish whatever great desires you want for yourself!
  • You can harness the power of your brain to come up with innovative ideas (i.e., new and wonderful ideas) to improve current situations and systems.
  • You can harness the power of your brain to come up with quality and effective solutions to problems / difficulties / challenges on hand.
  • You can harness the power of your brain to readily identify and capitalise on the numerous opportunities available but that which you otherwise would not see.
  • And so much more!

In essence you can harness the power of your brain to become one of the world’s exceptional achievers…

When you know the right things, the boundaries around your life suddenly disappear;” in the words of Brian Sher. Indeed, “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not!” in the words of Denis Waitley. Yes, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes;” said Yeshua HaMashiach, except that further to believing you need to take the right steps, based on the right ‘base knowledge’ – Zing4Life!

Prevalence of Extremely Poor Affection for Occupations

Job dissatisfaction is widespread. Indeed, if you randomly select 100 people and ask about their work life, it should not surprise you to note that 82 of them (i.e. a whopping 82 percent of people) will not be enjoying their work life..

Well, of all the people that go to work every day, only 18 out of 100 (a meagre 18 percent of workers) really feel good about going to work; a whopping 82 percent of people harbour some apprehension when going to work and wish they didn’t have to go to work.

This is a major source of stress and ailments; indeed, not too long ago, the BBC announced that work-related stress disorders have been on the increase.

And chances are that, you may be affected by it; indeed there is 82 out of 100 chances that you may be affected; likewise your people. There is a way out of this; get The Purpose Compass for some really insightful preliminary guidance.

And So Many More of Such Issues

The above is just 'a tip of the iceberg!' There are numerous of such issues (too many to number) that may be affecting you and your people; you may contact us with some information about your field of endeavour and we will give you specific examples in your field.

These issues (including the numerous others listed in The Purpose Compass, and in Zing4Life! as a whole) present needless frustrations to a lot of leaders / mangers. Especially in attempts to deal with such issues that consistently crop up within groups / organisations, leaders often use approaches (actions and inactions) that inadvertently compound / worsen the problem in the long run. This can be avoided with the right awareness, knowledge and skill that Zing4Life! provides.

As part of the Zing4Life! training / presentation, so many of such issues are identified / outlined, and appropriate, systematic and effective solutions are provided for them. And since The Purpose Compass seeks to introduce Zing4Life! more comprehensively, at least 9 of the issues are outlined in The Purpose Compass.

The Solid Foundation of The Purpose Compass

The Purpose Compass is essentially a summary of Zing4Life! (Top Secret of the world’s truly great achievers; made up of simple and very insightful principles, techniques and strategies that will get you to #improve your current objectives / goals significantly, and also be able to achieve those significantly improved objectives / goals more easily, faster, and in a more pleasant way) of which dedicated research and development began in year 2005. That has seen (and continues to see) constant updates / improvements, because I want Zing4Life! (and therefore The Purpose Compass) to be current and remain the best in the world; to date, I have covered more than 1,000 self-help volumes by way of books, articles, audios, videos, etc. so as to keep Zing4Life! (and The Purpose Compass) current, relevant and the best! Those principles, techniques and strategies are amazing; they guide you on your current goals and future aspirations: how to make them better / exceptional, and also get to achieve them easily / quickly! I am thus truly excited to bring you a summary of that through The Purpose Compass; coaching you to live a truly fulfilling life; with amazing insights from a rich pool of rare and privileged resources and experience.

How many years will it take you to read more than 100 books, how much more evaluate about 1,000 volumes, and review some of them about 3 times? How do you even get to know the right self-help books to read, and where to find them? You have the choice of spending that number of years to do ‘trial-and-error’ (try your luck) or otherwise remain oblivious and suffer from unconscious incompetence; alternatively and preferably, you can depend on the convenience of The Purpose Compass (and the Zing4Life! Series) and save yourself time and still get the most important principles, techniques and strategies you will ever get from all that many self-help books and other resources.

The Roadmap

The seven amazing steps you can use to achieve a truly fulfilling life, as outlined in the Table of Contents above, are really pretty simple and straightforward. For instance, ‘Discover the eagle in you’ simply means… make the right effort to appreciate the true / hidden potential inside of you. And you can do so by reading self-help books and taking action on them, and The Purpose Compass even saves you that effort by outlining the specific areas to concern yourself about; so the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of each of the steps are simple. But ‘why’ is that important? The ‘why’ factor is what will make a difference as to whether you will indeed take the steps to do as recommended. Therefore in The Purpose Compass, much attention initially goes into laying a very solid foundation as to ‘why’ the seven amazing steps you can use to achieve a truly fulfilling life are so relevant; to do that I will clearly establish the problems / difficulties the steps are meant to prevent, or solve; especially the 4 Very Surprising Habits that Make Life Difficult.

Chapters 1 and 2 cover the foregoing, and inches up some notches higher in Chapter 3 where some of the combined effects of the four habits, especially some nine key problems their combined effects are likely to be causing in your life, and thus denying you of a truly fulfilling life, are discussed; very deep!

In Chapter 4, I first explain what a truly fulfilling life is, and subsequently elaborate on the seven amazing steps you can use to achieve a truly fulfilling life; as a sure solution to the 4 Very Surprising Habits that Make Life Difficult and their Combined Effects that are likely to be denying you of a truly fulfilling life. You will be adequately informed about the major steps to take in order to have a happy and a truly fulfilling life.

In the last chapter (Chapter 5) which I consider as a bonus, I help you to appreciate how some of the specific Zing4Life! principles,
techniques and strategies come into play in the Steps, by looking at Step 1 in a little more detail; it is under the theme… Discovering the Eagle in You. You will certainly be amazed! The Table of Contents is as below…

Outline / Table of Contents


  • A Truly Fulfilling Life
  • Second Part of the Story
  • Tone and Character of the Presentation 




  • Why Are You Here on Earth?
  • Count the Squares
  • How is Life?
  • First Part of the Story
  • Zing4Life! in Focus
  • Declaration




  • 1. The Processionary Caterpillar Syndrome
  • 2. The Pleasure-Pain Principle
  • 3. False-Faith
  • 4. Unconscious Incompetence




  • 1. Predominant Low Levels of Productivity
  • 2. Poor Comprehension and Abysmal Academic Performance
  • 3. The Developmental State of Africa
  • 4. Gross Mental Imprisonment
  • 5. Primary Economic Hazard
  • 6. Extremely Poor Affection for Occupations
  • 7. Key Organisational Canker
  • 8. Bizarre Work-Wealth Correlation
  • 9. Majority of People Are Not Happy
  • Inflexion




  • Defining a Truly Fulfilling Life
  • Step 1 : Discover the Eagle in You
  • Step 2 : Immunise Yourself Against Trojans
  • Step 3 : Embrace the Natural Laws
  • Step 4 : Crave, Mine and Apply Knowledge
  • Step 5 : Be In Control
  • Step 6 : Manage Your Seven Lives Properly
  • Step 7 : Find Goliaths and Slay Them
  • Inflexion




  • The Metaphor
  • Emphasis
  • Your Greatest Resource
  • Your Brain Power
  • Creativity in Focus
  • The 8-Step Creative Thinking Process






A Truly Fulfilling Life

A truly fulfilling life is very important; however, very rare! How so? And, what is your idea of a fulfilling life?

Sadly, most people are not truly fulfilled in life, and chances are that, such may be your situation. It is possible to be lively, or even make a lot of money and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Indeed, so many wealthy and seemingly lively people, including wealthy professional comedians, are known to have committed suicide in the past; some even recently. Also, it is possible to be very religious and still not live a truly fulfilling life! Incidences of very religious people, including pastors, committing suicide abound. Indeed, a whopping majority of people do not live a truly fulfilling life! Notice that I am not talking about a fulfilling life (that is subjective) but rather a truly fulfilling life! Yes, there is a big difference! And THE PURPOSE COMPASS clearly defines what a truly fulfilling life is, and gives the steps for attaining a truly fulfilling life. It is the foundational life-coaching (mentorship) you have always wanted; now at your disposal; you will find it amazing! It is an objective orientation about life, especially how to organize your thoughts, actions, and inactions to achieve a truly fulfilling life of extreme productivity.

Remember, The Purpose Compass explains life comprehensively enough; it tells you what’s really important where and when, and show you how to organise your life to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness and greatness! Remember also that it is based on amazing lessons from the Hebrew / Greek Bible, Life Experience, and far more than 100 books on Personal Development, Organisational Development, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Super!

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Zing4Life! will equip you with simple and very insightful principles, techniques and strategies that will bring out your true / hidden potential and that of your people and get you to become… Exceptionally Brilliant, Exceptionally Creative / Innovative, Exceptionally Productive / Wealthy, Exceptionally Healthy, Exceptionally Free / Happy, and so much more!

Zing4Life! Basic :: The Purpose Compass

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