Offerings & Transactions

Our Seers Voice online magazine / blogging / publishing platform, and the online market serve as Marketing & Advertising platforms for third party vendors / dealers / suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, etc. These third-party entities are solely responsible for the apt delivery of inherent propositions / promises / offerings promoted on their behalf and shall be liable for any delivery lapses or defects in their respective propositions / promises / offerings so delivered. We only serve to facilitate the process in the best way we can.

Offerings & Transactions

  1. The advertising rates, and all prices on the integrated e-commerce section / online store of this website are subject to change without prior notice.

  2. You can display the prices in various currencies, including GHS > Ghana Cedi, NGN > Nigeria Naira, USD > United States Dollar, GBP > British Pound, EUR > European Euro, and DKK > Denmark Krona; please use the currency selector to make a selection of your preferred currency when at the online store section.

Offerings & Transactions

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