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Emotional Intelligence is the surest determinant of success and fulfillment in life

Between the year 2006 and 2012 our founder David K Egyir wrote extensively about how that every serious person who seeks to excel in life and enjoy a truly fulfilling life needed (and still needs to) learn to manage his / her emotions, and the emotions of others within his / her sphere of influence, and has since been advocating for emotional intelligence. The world began paying more attention when the World Economic Forum (in 2016) ranked Emotional Intelligence as one of the top ten skills employees needed by 2020 to succeed in the workplace.

Well actually, every parent, every pastor, every teacher, every manager, and every kind of leader for that matter needs high levels of emotional intelligence in order to make his / her life easier, less stressful, more productive and thus enjoy a truly fulfilling life! The Emotional Intelligence Starter Pack saves the day, and exceeds expectations!

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Hi David, I have to quickly admit to you that your work on emotional intelligence served me right when I read it. Even though I had had to read materials on the subject matter before now, your work proved to be more relatable to me. Thanks!
Peterson Okponam Fabian

Legal & Compliance Officer at Lumos

It all began when our founder David K Egyir was confronted with Harvard University’s sad finding about Education that points to the fact that Formal Education is able to harness up to only 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life. He was thus moved to research and collate the best and most effective principles, techniques and strategies that can harness the true / hidden potential of any individual (or group of individuals) no matter the person’s background and current circumstances. i.e. irrespective of a person’s age, gender, looks, financial resources, educational background, etc! This intensive research and development spanned a period of seven years and over, and saw him reviewing more than 1,000 books, audios, videos, etc. (the equivalent of 2 PhDs) He called the resulting solution Zing4Life! and Emotional Intelligence happened to be a critical part of that. And as a result of all that, most people (especially pastors) who encounter him describe him as DEEP! Others describe him as Meticulous! We at Seers say he is a GIFT to humanity! Today we are pleased to bring you the core Emotional Intelligence component of that amazing work, and with that, help you to get several exceptional advantages in life.

Description of the 3 eBooks in the Starter Pack...


The key to instant happiness, a stress-free and fulfilling life; one that works no matter your background or current circumstances


The simplest and most effective way to direct your Emotions to work positively for you so as to be on top of your world all the time no matter what happens around you


Why you need so many people around you in order to achieve truly great and significant success; how to get the people to be exceptionally happy being around you, and how to get them to cooperate with you and with one another at their highest levels of efficiency and productivity; all with relatively little effort on your part

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Emotional Intelligence is the surest determinant of success and fulfillment in life

It is that which characterises and distinguishes top-performers; it sets them apart! They are able to work calmly even under pressure, and stay positive in difficult situations; while they take the necessary steps to effectively solve problems and deliver pleasing results. Indeed, the skills that embody emotional intelligence are key to the jobs of the future, and reliably predict work place success far better than cognitive skills (as represented by IQ and other measures of intelligence). So people who are emotionally intelligent are likely to get hired (when looking for a job position) or otherwise get promoted faster (when already on a job) and if they are running their own businesses, they are likely to succeed exceptionally, and more easily. There seem to be a global consensus that IQ contributes to just about 20 percent of the factors that determine success in life, and that EQ (Emotional Quotient; another way of representing EI) accounts for the other 80 percent. In hundreds of studies, IQ has been found to be a very small factor when predicting success.

A renowned psychologist by name Daniel Goleman looked at more than a hundred competence models from corporations, NGOs and governments and found out that the common set of abilities that identified people who were outstanding had nothing to do with cognitive abilities (as measured by IQ), but rather emotional intelligence (as measured by EQ).

The board of trustees at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT; one of the best universities in the world) once commissioned a study to see who the biggest donors among their alumni were and what characterised them when they were students times back. And the results were shocking! It wasn’t the people who were absolutely brilliant all the way through school who ended up being so successful that they could give MIT hundreds of millions of dollars; rather, it was people who were good enough to get into MIT and good enough to complete successfully but then who had other extra-curricula abilities prior to entering MIT.

Emotional Intelligence can help you to deal with change situations more smoothly; even the unexpected ones

It is said that the only thing that is constant in life is ‘change.’ However it is not easy to embrace change / innovation (especially abrupt ones) except with emotional intelligence. Typically people (by default) respond to change in the work / business environment with negative attitudes; however, a person with emotional intelligence can be positive and even inspire colleagues to be equally positive in the face of any such change. People with high emotional intelligence can turn seemingly negative situations into an opportunity; consequently they progress more easily in business and in life.

Emotional Intelligence will enable you to have exciting (and the most effective) relationships; be it social, business, marriage / marital, etc.

It will especially enable you to handle the essential tough conversations that necessarily come up in various relationships; difficult conversations are the kind that have the potential to stir up all sorts of emotions; e.g. the reaction of an angry partner or customer, etc. An emotionally intelligent person is able to take control of the conflicts that arise from time to time and steer them in a meaningfully way to achieve pleasing results.

When two or more people come together to accomplish any objective (e.g. marriage, business, project, etc.) a team situation arises; though that team may need to go through some 4 stages of progression (i. Forming, ii. Storming, iii. Norming, and iv. Performing) in order to become most effective. When members in a team are of high levels of emotional intelligence, they work together beautifully (there is better, effective and efficient teamwork) and they achieve exceptional results. This is because each member is able to quickly build trust in (and with) the other(s) in the team. They value one another’s inputs; especially when a member makes any suggestion, they don’t find it difficult to respond in a positive, honest and productive way. So each member is able to express his / her opinion (both verbally and non-verbally) without fear of intimidation / rejection.

You realise that Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership skill, and that persons, companies and organisations that are yet to pay attention to this all important skill are doing themselves a great deal of harm; especially when you consider that…

Indeed, persons, companies and organisations that have high levels of emotional intelligence will always be a step ahead of their peers, and / or their competitors. Emotional intelligence allows for a truly peaceful work / life environment that ensures success in a relatively shorter time.

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