Module 2 :: Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

Module 2 :: Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

Codename: EEE-Z! [ Pronounced : /ˈiiːzi/ or /ˈē-zē/ or /ee-zee/ ]

2.0 : Introduction

The training begins with ‘How to Learn;’ the core principles, techniques and strategies for getting the most out reading materials, teaching/lectures and other presentations, and also emphasis on key Time Management principles; as Introduction. Participants can apply them right away to improve their academic performance immediately; right from day one! Of course, the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn! Subsequently, the four (4) parts that constitute this EEE-Z! (Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!) module / initiative are tackled progressively; by laying an excellent foundation and building upon it as follows…

2.1 : The Creative Paradigm

Deep revelations of what makes the true (real) you – an amazing being with extreme power / abilities; as opposed to the ‘regular’ person society has influenced you to become. And how to use that great power / abilities already present in you to achieve breakthrough solutions and amazing results.

2.2 : Winning Leads

How some basic things in your day-to-day interactions are secretly harming you so much; why they are the most dangerous things you encounter, and what you can do to protect yourself against them.

2.3 : The Primary Paradigm

How the world’s truly great achievers look at things, why they look at things that way, and why looking at things that way makes you more effective and automatically positions you for true greatness..

2.4 : Brainy Acts for Learners

The simplest, fun-filled and most effective way to learn and get the most out of write-ups and other presentations and be able to easily remember the facts/details.

Module 2 :: Extreme Educational Excellence with Zing4Life!

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