The ‘SuperBook’ that is Saving Lives!

SuperBookNow you can relax, saving yourself from the hustle/anxiety associated with academic performance; yours and/or that of your people; it’s all taken care of soundly by the amazing principles this book/manual teaches. Indeed, the principles in the book/manual make every subject very easy! That’s why more students/pupils are loving it! It’s BRAINY ACTS FOR LEARNERS; you can call it ‘The New Students Companion.’


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Readers/users of this book/manual always benefit in the following amazing ways:

  1. Get to know the ‘EIA3R Formula’; the world’s best method of learning and get to become unstoppable in your career and educational pursuits.

  2. Be able to master any subject, vocation or skill in a relatively short time.

  3. Begin to get so many times more information from any material than what others will get from the same material.

  4. Be able to remember facts and figures in ways you’ve never thought possible for yourself before!

  5. Deeply understand anything and everything you read and excel beyond the wildest imagination; scoring some of the highest marks ever in any course of study.

  6. And so much more!

The importance of Learning ‘How to Learn and Get the Most out of Write-Ups and Other Presentations’ is well captured in the admonition of the world’s foremost management guru, Peter F Drucker, that, “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change, and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” That is what Part 4 of Zing4Life! does; it teaches you how to learn!



You may click here to see some really amazing testimonials on this.

Get for copies for any of your people who are in school or pursuing any course of study; could be a donation to your former school (alma mater), and/or the teens/youth in your church, etc. They will never cease to thank you; they will forever be grateful to you! The book/manual is that powerful!!!

You may also request for copies and offer them as a contribution towards what we intend to donate to some selected schools/organisations in Ghana (and Africa). You may click here for details.


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