Perennial Floods in Accra and Ghana; Nothing will Change! Are the Skeptics Right?

Perennial Floods in Accra and Ghana; Nothing will Change! Are the Skeptics Right?



Last Monday night’s heavy rain did not ‘disappoint’ Ghanaians; the floods did occur! And it did inflict the usual pain of destruction and inconvenience that comes with it. This year one of the deaths that caught a lot of attention was that of a very religious woman medical doctor who’s car got carried away along with her and got drowned, leaving behind a 15 month old baby; may her gentle soul rest in peace; information has it that she went for church meeting upon closing from work, and that she could have been alive if not for church but had gone home straight from work; for which some are questioning why God did not save her, but that is a discussion for another day. (The link below gives some answers to that question though)

The pictures below are some of the images left after the flooding, and they could pass for any of the other years; it has become so consistent a yearly ritual that one does not have to be a prophet nor acquire a training of any sort to predict it.

Every year officials conduct post flooding tours, issue statements of sympathy and assurances and the media gladly carries such across; the media further calls on officials and other technical experts to discuss the causes and the sure remedies, yet nothing significant gets done and the problem keeps repeating. Indeed, this morning I listened to radio discussions and the causes of the problem, and the possible solutions (very laudable as usual) were reiterated. Below is a link to an article an architect wrote on the floods 8 years ago (he re-posted it this morning) and in his own words…

Tomorrow will be 8 years since I wrote the piece below (Floods – An Architect’s View). Just check, nothing really has changed… Horror Story

Ghanaians have a unique sense of humour; people make jokes out of these serious situations and move on till another occurrence. While at it, skepticism is all over in the media and private discussions; below is an actual discourse on a WhatsApp group platform, and it is typical of the floods-related discourse that goes on in forums…

In 1932, the Korle Lagoon hosted a regatta: a series of boat races. 86 years later, the Korle hosts…. [fill the gap] Yeah, we have advanced!!

I am not an engineer, I don’teven believe I have sense koraa, but if you look at this Pokuase road eh…there is a huge drain in the middle of the dual way. choked with dirt, bordered by elephant grass, so the rain water has no where but to deal with the road….I can’t think far oh…hmmmm

We should go get some loan to desilt and drain all these clogged drains. Also, we should demolish all buildings/structures that are in the wrong places. And the citizens should learn to discard garbage properly!

Do you know how much money has been borrowed for this purpose? Ask CitiFM…..

Heartless.. We simply don’t value life… every year people die and lose properties, yet, we take loans for such projects only to share amongst paddies!

Hmmmm, I am losing hope for Ghana oh….hmmm…Ofankor, Odorna, Ashaley Botwe, Pokuase, Adenta…Dawenya, Eiii….hmmm


Are the skeptics right? History is on their side, and if we are objective we will all have every reason to be skeptical, but the Seer in me is ‘zingful’ that things will get better; but certainly not if we look on, and do the same old things the same old ways over and over again and expect different / positive results!

Each of us has a significant role to play; from self-discipline to do the right things, and insist that others also do the right things; including calling officials to order, and if need be use the available legal processes (even if painful) to get the needed results. Whilst at it, the education must go on, and especially, let us help the young ones to get to know the Zing4Life! principles; you can be part of the people actively engaging in this cause.

Long live Ghana! Long live Africa!


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Perennial Floods in Accra and Ghana; Nothing will Change! Are the Skeptics Right?

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Perennial Floods in Accra and Ghana; Nothing will Change! Are the Skeptics Right?

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Perennial Floods in Accra and Ghana; Nothing will Change! Are the Skeptics Right?