Holy Orgasm!

Green Horns

It was the year 1992, my friend and I (both freshers at the university) had gone in for the required medical examination and we were in the process of completing the initial questionnaire. Suddenly we both shouted: huh!? We had each stumbled upon an unexpected question: “Do you still enjoy sex?” And the only available responses on the questionnaire were either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ We were virgins (I love the sound of it) and none of these available answers was suitable. And what was the import of such a question anyway?

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David K Egyir

An Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach :: Passionate about harnessing his true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. You may see more about him at his website... egyir.org | You may click here.

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