Hi,I’m Fohwaa

A writer.

You can call me Miss Foh ,Fohwrites too. I like to think I’ll be Miss forever but I may change my mind and it’s impossible to tell what exactly my future is going to be like. 

Writing is currently what I do best but I am looking forward to adding more to my skill set.

I am 17 years old and right now if you ask me what I want the most I’ll tell you straight away that I crave a simple life where no one bothers me. A life where everyday is a new learning experience be it books, documentaries, new foods, new revelations and new movies. Apparently, this is one of the hardest things to acquire in life but I am not going to let this slide me by so easily. Even though this is what I want the most, there are other aspects of this reality that call out to me.

I am passionate about the true African way of life that has been neglected and suppressed for far too long and hope I live to see the day when the West can no longer infiltrate us because we’d have finally stood up together as a people to stop this nonsense and we’d have grown strong enough to completely manage our own affairs. I definitely wouldn’t mind if Africa ever became a country, at least the Muzungus would finally be right about something.


There is something on the way, maybe it’s a new poem, a new book, a new post, who knows but it’s going to be awesome and hopefully, you’ll be the first to read it

take a look


Ship Neverback


Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



It’s all fun and games till you read something that makes you rethink your entire existence


Singing in the bathroom

La la dee

La la da 

La  da daaaaa



It’s wild I tell you

something to say

One dynamite