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Before you go, how open-minded are you to evaluate your influence or leadership?

Well, after 7 years of intensive research, the most potent ingredient missing in parenting and mentorship has been discovered. Indeed, most parents, leaders, pastors, teachers, and other mentors are failing abysmally, without meaning to, and without knowing.

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🛑 QUESTION: Have your parents been great parents? Wait a minute… 
🤔 PONDER: Will your child see you as a great parent?
⭕️ The objective or unbiased answer is mostly… NO. And here is why…
Most parents focus on giving children good accommodation, good food,  good clothing, good schooling, and worthwhile economic inheritance of  some sort; leaving out the one thing children need most!
As a  result, more than 80 percent of people (most likely including your good  self) are not truly fulfilled in life! And this cuts across all levels,  including the religious, and also highly educated individuals even in  high-paying prestigious jobs. Disheartening situation that – strangely –  the media is not highlighting enough!
Indeed, if you find  problems, difficulties or challenges of any sort in any aspect of your  life, there is 97 out of 100 chances (that is 97 percent probability)  that you were denied that one thing (just like most people) perhaps  because your parents did not know and thus inadvertently failed to do  that. What about your children, or mentees? 🤔
And what is this one thing? And how can you factor that into your current circumstances and that of your children, or mentees?
That is where PURPOSE COMPASS comes in. The good news is… PURPOSE  COMPASS takes you through exceptional life-coaching (the best you can  get) with some amazing insights, and makes powerful recommendations that  will help you and your people to…
❤️  Easily and successfully deal with some 4 popular, very surprising and  easily avoidable habits that are currently making your life difficult,  or otherwise may soon make your life difficult.
❤️ Discover your true life purpose
❤️ Know and apply 7 amazing steps to a truly fulfilling life!
The video below has brief excerpts from a review interview that the founder / author had on TV
For more details or full synopsis on PURPOSE COMPASS, you may click here. And to get the full PURPOSE COMPASS exceptional life-coaching training or book, you may click here, send send a message via either SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal to +233.26.637.7777 | You may call.
The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be, and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities
David K Egyir
Architect, Designer, and Life-Coach

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