How to Get More from Anything You Read, Etc

There is abundant evidence to suggest that perhaps the greatest problem in the social, academic and corporate worlds has to do with the fact that, a lot of people (if not most people) do not get to appreciate (understand) the messages carried in articles, emails, memos, books/manuals, documents (and directions in general) comprehensively well enough, and also not quickly enough. Frankly, if you have not had any conscious training on ‘How to study‘ or ‘How to get more from written materials, etc.,’ then chances are that, you are a victim; you can check/evaluate for yourself – you may click here; or otherwise, see further below…



There is one fundamental secret about all great achievers; it is that, in the area or things in which they excel and make a difference, they educate themselves by their own effort. The truth is that they never wait for anybody to teach them in order to learn; they make the effort to learn on their own using very simple techniques that anyone can also use and consequently excel just as they did and even more!

In any case, to ensure that you get the most out of what you read (articles, emails, memos, books/manuals, documents and directions in general), get to appreciate (understand) the messages carried in them comprehensively well and quickly enough, and thus stand tall above your peers and contemporaries, you can follow some very simple guidelines (steps, methods, principles and/or techniques). This section outlines some of the techniques, methods or steps that these great achievers have been using; they are excerpts from the amazing book: ‘Brainy Acts for Learners,’ and constitute the first / bonus chapter in the book. The steps are very simple indeed, and fortunately, you came into this world with a brain that has the fundamental ability to learn on its own, so, just follow the techniques below (Step 1 to Step 9) to get the most out of this and all other books, documents or notes you read:

1. Have in focus, a very strong reason why you want / have to read / learn



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David K Egyir

An Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach :: Passionate about harnessing his true / hidden potential, and helping so many people to also harness their true / hidden potential. You may click here to see more about him.

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