And God Spoke!

By Charles Sam, Golden Future Promotions

For decades, aspirational citizens of Ghana including you and I, have prayed and continue to pray in earnest to God for progress and advancement in our lives. Some how, our expectations have not been met as our condition over decades speak volumes and needs no sermon.

We all know that God is for real, is truthful, is honest and all knowing. Indeed He is the God who will not give us poisnous snakes when we ask Him for delicious shrimps. So how come we have received dishonest, non-qualitative, ineffective, and irresponsible political leadership OVER and OVER AGAIN in response to our recurring prayer requests to God for honest, qualitative, effective and responsible political leadership to partner us for a revolutionary turnaround ?



It is only logical to conclude that if God is true (and He is indeed true) and He neither changes nor makes mistakes, that the common thread error over the decades with respect to our feverent prayers to God and the expected results is us YOU and I. It would appear this error can be pinned to WE (YOU and I) NOT HEARING OR WANTING TO HEAR WHAT GOD HAS SAID TO US.

Right from day one, God NEVER told Adam and our forebears to pray to Him (FAMA NYAME) and go to sleep, and they will see the right results. He told Adam that He God had created he Adam in He God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:27-31). God is a VISIONARY, CREATIVE (a creator), IMAGINATIVE, HONEST, THINKER, STRATEGIC PLANNER, COLLABORATIVE INVENTOR, EFFECTIVE ORGANIZER, DARING IMPLEMENTER and MULTIPLIER. If God be true (and He is true), then you and I descendants of Adam have all these awesome qualitative attributes of God. The sum total is that you and I the Ghanaian, are neither incapable of solving and surmounting our problems and challenges respectively, nor unable to create a revolutionary turnaround of our trailing messy situation as was the case in Genesis 1:1 – 17.

God has stated in the biblical passage of the parable of the talent that we must first maximize the use of all that He has given to us if we want more from Him. This is a clear indication that until we fully utilize our MINDS TO THINK, HEARTS TO BELIEVE, HANDS TO PRODUCE, LEGS TO WALK THE TALK and DARE TO GET RESULTS, it would be a fruitless venture calling on He God to show up, help or give us more. Truth is, our human faculties have been underutilized in Ghana.

God CANNOT and DOES NOT violate His own principle (unlike we Ghanaians who formulate laws, violate them daily and fail to enforce them with deterrent punishment). God’s ” YES ” IS ” YES ” and ” NO ” IS ” NO ” (no libi libi laba laba) and He has already stated that ” If you the Ghanaian is FAITHFUL in USING the THINKING MIND I gave you to THINK CREATIVELY, PRODUCE WORKABLE IDEAS, STRATEGICALLY PLAN, COME UP WITH WELL-THOUGHT-OUT SOLUTIONS, and EFFECTIVELY EXECUTE them, I God will bless your human EFFORT.

The GREAT God of nations has answered the Ghanaian people’s prayer long ago. He says ” THE POWER IS RESTS WITH YOU. TAKE ACTION WITH YOUR BLESSED BRAINS & HUMAN FACULTIES! “. (God is Himself is ALL BLESSING and anything from Him is already blessed to succeed).


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