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Heyloo, this is a short story I am writing, it’s not complete yet but I’ll be uploading in chapters all in this post..enjoyyy!

Chapter 1

Abrefi sighed for the umpteenth time as he added the last full stop for the night… He had just finished the tenth book in his 10th collection…

He eyed the stack behind him wearily and it stared right back at him with hope…

“No no no no” he held his head in his hands ‘“I can’t do that, who would read them? Oh right I know the answer to that” 

With this thought devoid of positivity, he began his day at 5 in the morning

On his way out, Abrefi walked past his mailbox overflowing with bills… He had barely managed to pay the bills last month so seeing the box so full was like a painful pinch in his gut…

He boarded the first trotro he saw and soon he was on his way to work… Abrefi was a secretary at a human resource firm… He was so disenchanted with his work such that he barely remembered the name of this firm where he worked…

Refusing to make eye contact, he briskly walked to his post in his boss’ office where proceeded to continue the papers he had been doing for the past week and some more… It was 8 o’clock… He was early today… Secretly, he wanted to hurriedly finish the word count for the day so that he could get started with his next story…

In no time at all, he was done with his office work for the day, if he was being honest with himself, he would admit that he hated being a secretary… It also didn’t help that he seemed to do his work so well to his boss’ admiration…

He opened a fresh writebook he brought along and began to write

“A long long time ago, there was a boy with a big head,he lived in a big village in his beloved homeland the Kongo, he had this dream that he would be the one to save the world…

He knew his best tool was his big head, his mother made it so, when he was just a baby,he could remember the firm and love filled fingers molding his head into the shape it is now…

“Oooooh Abrefiiii,I didn’t know you write, okay, okay,I mean you write for work but I didn’t know you write write, like your own stories and stuff”

Abrefi sighed inwardly as he looked up too see one his coworkers leaning over to read what  he was writing.

He was annoyed that she had interrupted his flow but he didn’t let her know that.

“Bema ah haha… yes… I write a few things from time to time, this is actually the first book in my newly started collection” Abrefi said sheepishly

“A few eh, okay so how many books have you written na this is getting exciting, I am a bookworm myself, I do more of reading than writing though I wish I could get back to writing,” she said her mood rapidly changing from excitement to forlorn.

“Um… erhh, that’s private”

“What? My feelings?” she raised her eyebrows

“No, what I mean is erhh, you asked about the number of books I have wri…”

“Oh I had even forgotten I had asked you, thanks for reminding me” Bema cut him off regaining her excitement.

“So so so tell me, Mr Closet writer, Abrefi most prolific”

He felt uncomfortable at first and then he didn’t know why but the look on her face had him opening up slowly

“ Okay, I’ll tell you, so far you are the only one who knows that I write fiction” he braced himself for whatever her reaction might be

“Here goes, I’ve written a hundred books,I finished my 10th collection early this morning, each collection has 10 books, okay yeah, I think I’ve got it right” he said feeling very proud all of a sudden…

He noticed Bema wasn’t talking and when he came to, even more so, she was walking away from him rapidly.

“Oh” he mouthed feeling hurt but after a few minutes, he shrugged it off and went back to his writing, and by the time the day was over, the Kongolese boy with a big head had saved the world.

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