Nanakurom Girls’ Horror Stories: What goes on at maintenance

Hey guys, this is the second story of the Nanakurom Girls’ Horror Stories series that I am writing, enjoyy!

I heard it one night, I think they heard it too and if they really did, they too chose not to talk about it. 

Every night was a routine. After prep at 9 pm, turn off the lights, leave the class, climb the flyover, descend and in brisk, walk to our houses on the other compound by 9:10 pm. We all always passed by maintenance. A deserted, go-to place for dilapidated beds and destroyed planks of wood and metal. 

It seemed like a normal routine until last night when I decided to cut it back by a few priceless minutes. I had to catch up with some math work. I was the last to leave the class. I turned off the lights at 9:10, left the class, climbed the flyover, descended and in brisk, walked to my house. 

The thought of my cozy bed kept me going until I got to maintenance because that’s when I heard it. The low screeching sound that chilled me to my bones. Low but loud and clear. So clear that within seconds I got to know how fast I could run. I got to Aberdeen in no time, house prayers hadn’t even started. 

Anyone would see how shaken I was, and when they asked it was incoherent gibberish they got from me. 

I climbed my bed thinking 

“What possibly could have made that sound?” 

Eating me up day and night, I was always the first to enter class and first to leave after prep.  I tried my best to pay attention in class.   Not that it worked. 

One day, my math teacher decided prep time was the best time to give us try work. Yes, almost 9:00 pm.  We were students, we couldn’t say anything. Our culture forbade it so we sat and quietly copied the work.  Only when it was 9:10 pm did he leave and I could feel my heart rate increase.  

We were all drowsy with lack of sleep but we had to hurry up if we didn’t want any punishments and so at 9:20,we turned off the lights, left the class,climbed the flyover,descended and in brisk, made our way towards our houses.

I wasn’t paying attention because then I would have told my classmates. Because that’s when we all heard it, the low screeching sound that chilled me to my bones.

We didn’t have time to think when something grey jumped out at us, all I remember happened next was I screaming with all my might and then falling to the ground. I lost all consciousness then.

I woke up in the sick bay and it didn’t take me long to realize that from the left to my right, all the beds were filled with none other than my classmates.

When I asked the nurse what had happened, she said all she knew was a student who was on her way to the Iresco compound came across everyone lying on the ground fainted next to maintenance and she quickly sprang into action, alerting the authorities.

As the days passed I never heard the sound and nothing suspicious ever happened again, I guess what goes on at maintenance, stays at maintenance.

Nanakurom Girls’ Horror Stories: What goes on at maintenance

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Nanakurom Girls’ Horror Stories: What goes on at maintenance

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