Zing4Life! is the Top Secret of the World’s Truly Great Achievers. It is made up of very insightful principles, techniques and strategies that will help you (and/or your people) to become Exceptionally Brilliant, Exceptionally Creative/Innovative, Exceptionally Productive/Wealthy, Exceptionally Healthy, Exceptionally Free/Happy, and so much more! Get more details on the Official Zing4Life! Brand Website; you may click here.




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Seers Foundation is authorised to provide Zing4Life! Training, and Certification. We work mainly through Seers Clubs, and generally through various intervention; you may click here to see the various interventions.




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Brief Testimonials:

Through our effort, one university student, who hitherto had financial challenges, successfully combined his academic work with a business venture he was inspired, empowered and liberated to undertake even while in school. He became financially stable, did even much better in his academics, and became generally happier than ever! Before he graduated, he already had a very viable business going for him. Such a person would not add to the stream of unemployed graduates; he would rather be offering employment to other people and contributing more meaningfully towards national development.

Meet Lady ‘Smart;’ she had a dose of Zing4Life! before entering the University, and naturally became people’s favourite! Her poise and leadership qualities were unmatched and excelled in her academics, and in the leadership roles she naturally found herself in. Soon after school, she was essentially ‘poached’ into a multinational outfit and rose in a lightning quick fashion into very key managerial position with good earnings.

Indeed, clients and employers prefer people who have Zing4Life! or, at least, aspects of it. And those who have Zing4Life! or aspects of Zing4Life! get rewarded/promoted faster!

More Testimonials: Dave, our CEO and Zing4Life! Global Lead Advocate, has quite an interesting testimonial to share; click here for Dave’s Full Testimonial!


CareerGuidanceCAREER GUIDANCE 101
Of all the people that go to work everyday, 82 out of every 100 (82%) wish they didn’t have to go to work. And the BBC reports that there is increase in work-related stress disorders! Yay, there are consequences of choosing the wrong profession. See how to choose an appropriate profession and build a successful career, based on your strengths; especially, The Various Personality Types and the Most Suitable Profession(s) Recommended for Each Type. You may click here.






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The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities and living unfulfilling lives

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So in the diagram, how many squares did you make out in total; how many squares are there?

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One: Sometimes you need someone to show you the obvious, and oftentimes… the not so obvious! Credit to ZigZiglar

Two: Education and schooling are not the same thing. What goes on inside the schools is often not education. And the results may well be that it reduces productive capacity rather than to increase it. Credit to Prof Sir William Arthur Lewis

Three: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Credit to Prophet Hosea

Four: The illiterates of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn! Credit to Alvin Toffler

Five: The greatest obstacle to progress is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Credit to Daniel Boorstin

Six: When you know the right things, the boundaries around your life suddenly disappear. Credit to Brian Sher

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