Here is Why You May Not Enjoy Your Work

There is a high probability of 82 out of 100 chances (82 percent probability) that you or your people may not enjoy your work.

Well, if you randomly select 100 people and ask about their work life, it may surprise you to note that 82 of them (i.e, a whopping 82% of people) may not be enjoying their work life. You know, of all the people that go to work every day, only 18 out of 100 really feel good about going to work. A whopping 82 percent wish they didn’t have to go to work. 82 out of every 100 workers are so dissatisfied with their jobs someway, somehow!

It is a major source of stress and ailments; indeed, not too long ago, the BBC announced that, work-related stress disorders have been on the increase. And chances are that, you may be affected by it; indeed there is 82 out of 100 chances that you may be affected; likewise your people.

One major cause of the problem is that, Career Guidance is not given much attention in our upbringing. Therefore, a lot of people end up in professions they are not really cut for and have to struggle to keep up; with the attendant consequences as previously indicated.

It’s important to note that, there are some 6 main personality types, and associated professions recommended for each personality type; in order for one to enjoy the greatest fulfillment and high levels of productivity. For instance, whereas the ‘Realistic’ personality type may be good for Airline Operation, Mechanics, Construction Work, Etc., the ‘Social’ personality type may be good for Marketing, Nursing, Catering, Etc. Also, there are other 10 equally important considerations to look at before one finally settles for a particular profession.

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The stressful consequences of not enjoying the occupations one ends up in, are indeed serious; to the extent that, most of the ailments people report to the hospitals with, are not pathogenic (they are not the effects of disease causing organisms) but rather, they are the consequences of stress. It’s that serious!

Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways of dealing with emotions, and preventing undue stress…

All negative emotions can be classified under 10 core emotions, and there are specific messages they provide, and specific ways of responding.

For instance, when you feel frustrated, the simple core message you’re to note is that ‘You are using a wrong approach in dealing with that which is making you frustrated.’ It implies that, you need to change either your perception, or your procedure, or both; and so on.

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