Re: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life | Exciting Reviews

Yesterday, following the broadcast of my recent TV Interview, I had several exciting messages and very important calls; two independent calls came from two great pastors (also Engineers) with extensive international exposure. Interestingly they happen to be very close associates for a greater part of their working lives (both outside ministry, and in ministry) but none knew that the other had called me, and I've not disclosed that to them; except if either of them happen to read this and thus infer :-) They were all passionate about the issues I had broached in the TV Interview, following the release of my amazing book: THE PURPOSE COMPASS : 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life.

Re: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life | Exciting Reviews

We all agreed that ‘the issues are very sensitive and can be misconstrued by conservative Christians, and thus require a lot of wisdom / tact in the approach, but then the time is rife for a massive education / enlightenment in that direction.’

It reminded me of one very important call (among many important calls) I received after my interview on ‘What the Church Refuses to Teach About Christianity.’ A charismatic bishop (with some 100 pastors under his mentorship) called me to encourage me and invited me to speak to his proteges, which I did; it was very exciting! I have already (in another article) shared what a renowned pastor said to me after a presentation in Europe.

I’m really impressed that there are many pastors (probably in the majority) who are not afraid to expose their people to truths that ordinarily get overlooked by the church. I’m by this inviting you to join me to create this awareness; that…

There is far more that the church should be teaching; beyond the regular preaching / teaching we are used to in church, and such often overlooked insightful and useful information is in keeping with the mandate of the church as being the salt of the earth, and the light of the world. You can be a good support by sharing this article with your associates. Please follow the following links to see more…


You probably know that I am an Architect, a Designer, and a Life Coach, with 14+ books based on extensive research on ‘Education & Productivity’ to my credit. Especially following from my discovery of the amazing Zing4Life! and the liberation it readily provides, I maintain that… “The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be, and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities.” And THE PURPOSE COMPASS presents the remedy in a summary; available in Book Print, PDF, Audio, and Video formats; you may click here to see.

If you ask me, I will just simply say that THE PURPOSE COMPASS solves the problem of ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ about LIFE!

The issue is that, most people operate from a position of unconscious incompetence; they do not know ‘what they do not know’ so they are ineffective but unaware, and thus not interested in adding on complementary knowledge. THE PURPOSE COMPASS, among other amazing benefits, awakens you to be aware of very critical issues about life that you may be ignorant of and for which you’re bearing avoidable unpleasant consequences thereof. It is a must have! You may click here to see.

The 7 Amazing Steps

The seven amazing steps you can use to achieve a truly fulfilling life are really pretty simple and straightforward…

Step 1: Discover the Eagle in You
Step 2: Immunise Yourself Against Trojans
Step 3: Embrace the Natural Laws
Step 4: Crave, Mine and Apply Knowledge
Step 5: Be In Control
Step 6: Manage Your Seven Lives Properly
Step 7: Find Goliaths and Slay Them

These are discussed in details in THE PURPOSE COMPASS : 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling life; simply referred to as THE PURPOSE COMPASS. You may click here to see.


THE PURPOSE COMPASS presents other / additional very insightful information on very pertinent issues including: The 4 Surprising Habits that Make Life Difficult. THE PURPOSE COMPASS is available in Book Print, eBook / PDF, Audio, and Video formats. You may click here for Synopsis / Excerpts / Preview of THE PURPOSE COMPASS. This article on the other hand seeks to highlight key reviews / testimonials people give about THE PURPOSE COMPASS; you may scroll down for what people say about THE PURPOSE COMPASS.

The Sparkling Affirmation

A few years ago I had the occasion to introduce Zing4Life! to a congregation in Europe. The principal theme was: “No Real Limits or Limitations” and the objective was to provide unique orientation about life, especially how to organise ones thoughts, actions, and inactions to achieve a truly fulfilling life of extreme productivity.

Within the constraint of time, I did a general introduction of Zing4Life! on the first encounter, and shared excerpts from Zing4Life! Part 1 in the subsequent encounter. And when I was done, the Pastor made a stunning remark that could only come from very deep within (one could tell from his facial expression, voice tone, and general body language) and I have never forgotten that experience; unbeknown to him, it was an endorsement of the principal objective that drives my writing and life-coaching efforts; he said: “Dave, you probably don’t know the extent of the impact you’re going to make with this!” Indeed, I have been overwhelmed by the exciting testimonials that keep pouring in from people who are being liberated by the various principles, techniques and strategies Zing4Life! presents. That presentation has now been integrated into the The Purposes Compass: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life; which itself has a very interesting story to it.

Earlier on a church in Accra (Ghana) had invited me to speak on Life Management (i.e. How a person can manage his / her life efficiently and effectively for true fulfillment); at the beginning of the presentation I asked the parents to show by hands how many had their parents or someone qualified enough to guide them systematically (as in… to explain life to them comprehensively enough; to tell them what’s really important where and when, and show them how to organise their lives to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness) when they were growing up; I didn’t see any hand up. Then I asked them to show by hand how many of them wished they had someone guiding them in that manner when growing up; almost all (if not all) the hands went up! That is the situation across the spectrum of society; proper Life-Coaching is generally missing in our upbringing.

Since then, and for a long time, I was asking myself, “If I had only one chance to do only one presentation to the whole of humanity, especially Ghanaians and Africans, what would it be?” ‘The Purpose Compass : 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling life,’ has been the answer. A Unique Life-Coaching Presentation; recommended for you and your people: child(ren) | friend(s) | team / staff / workers | students / pupils | congregation | countrymen | etc. You may click here to see the Synopsis. Below is a review of the book version, on TV. Other reviews / testimonials are further below.
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You may click here to see more.

Re: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life | Exciting Reviews

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Re: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life | Exciting Reviews

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Re: 7 Amazing Steps to a Happy and a Truly Fulfilling Life | Exciting Reviews

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