Module 6 :: Innovative Technology & Productivity

Technology is supposed to make us productive, and indeed does readily get embraced by many; but the true capabilities/potential of the technology we adopt, largely remains untapped! For instance, you will readily find even reputable organisations doing manual Table of Contents (ToC) in MS Word documents, when a very powerful ToC automation tool has been in MS Word for a very long time. Indeed, Microsoft reports that 80% of what people wish MS Software could do for them, have already been built into their software.

WhatsApp has become very popular, and to some extent a time-wasting nuisance at work when it actually can be a very productive tool when used on the desktop, but how many people know about that? And O, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that people can remotely control your devices’ cameras (including that of your smart TV; even the one in the privacy of your bedroom) without the light coming on to alert you; there are other numerous security concerns that must be brought to the fore.

Innovative Technology & Productivity Workshops (ITP Workshops) tackle all these.

You will never look at yourself, your Smartphone and Tablet the same way again!
You, your Smartphone and Tablet are smarter than you may think.

ITP focuses on hands-on activities, and in the light of the key objective of increasing the #Productivity of individuals and companies/organisations, the following broad themes shall be tackled…

  1. Mobile Apps for Productivity
  2. Cyber-Security Issues, and
  3. General Office/Business Productivity Measures such as the following…
    • Document Handling; including proper naming practices,
    • Handling of Complimentary/Business/Call Cards
    • Et cetera.

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