The Golden Path to Ideal Profession / Career

The ‘Career Guidance for Career Fulfillment‘ presentation is a Preface to this Career Guidance Tutorial, so please see that article first, if you have not; you may click here, or click the link below…


Below is a summary / outline of the golden path to ideal profession / career…

  1. Note that it is a big deal!
  2. Know the Personality types and the recommended career types
  3. Find your passion and identify career options that align with it
  4. Analyse each ‘work / field’ or career option
  5. Engage your stakeholders in a discussion about the career path you seem to be settling on with the view to get them to be on your side
  6. Put everything into consideration and finalise your career path decision, then put that into action and stay focused

Detailed discussion / explanation of the steps are as follows…

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